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Buy a ready-made company in the UAE (Dubai)

Buying a ready-made company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in particular in Dubai, can be an attractive opportunity for many entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities in foreign business.

The UAE is famous for its dynamic economy, great business opportunities, and a high degree of stability.

What attracts business in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most attractive places for business in the world. Here are seven key factors that make Dubai attractive to entrepreneurs:

  • Low taxes. Dubai offers low taxes, including zero income tax for many types of businesses, allowing companies to save significant money.
  • Geographical location. Located at the crossroads of world trade routes, Dubai provides easy access to the markets of the Persian Gulf, Europe, and Asia, making it an ideal point for international trade.
  • Modern infrastructure. Dubai is known for its modern infrastructure, including international airports, ports, and a transport system that facilitates easy logistics and transportation of goods.
  • Business environment. The city provides a wide range of services for businesses, including office space, banking services, and business consulting, which makes it easier to start and manage a company.
  • Stability and security. The UAE is one of the most stable and safe countries in the world, which makes it attractive for investors and entrepreneurs.
  • A large consumer market. With population growth and tourist flow, Dubai offers a large consumer market for various types of products and services.
  • Innovations and technologies. Dubai actively promotes innovation and technological development, which creates opportunities for companies in the field of information technology and other industries.

These factors make Dubai an important and attractive destination for entrepreneurs from all over the world who are looking for opportunities to successfully develop their businesses.

Why is it sometimes better to buy a ready-made company in the UAE than to start from scratch?

Buying a ready-made company in Dubai can be a better alternative compared to starting a new business from scratch for various reasons:

  • Quick start. A ready-made company already exists, which allows an entrepreneur to quickly start operations, avoiding many bureaucratic procedures and time spent.
  • Existing customers and contracts. A ready-made company can already have existing customers and contracts, which makes its business profile more attractive.
  • Information on the market. An existing company may already have a good reputation and exposure in the market, which will help attract new customers.
  • Infrastructure support. A ready-made company may have an already established infrastructure that will simplify business processes.

Features of buying a company in Dubai

Buying a company in Dubai requires compliance with certain rules and procedures:

  • Licensing and registration. It is necessary to obtain an appropriate license for a specific type of activity and register the company with the authorities of the UAE.
  • Minimum authorized capital. Some types of businesses may require a minimum share capital to register a company.
  • Documentation and contracts. It is important to have all the necessary documentation and contracts confirming the legitimacy of the business.
  • Market research and legal advice. A thorough study of the market and the advice of a legal company can help avoid risks and ensure a successful purchase.

Our law firm will help you buy a company in the UAE reliably and quickly

Our law firm is proud to be able to provide you with reliable and professional support in matters of buying a company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly in Dubai.

We understand that this process can be complex and require attention to detail, so we are prepared to manage all aspects of this transaction from start to finish.

Whether you are looking for a company to invest in or need support in doing business in the UAE, we have extensive experience in this area and are ready to share it with you.

Our team of lawyers and business consulting professionals have in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory aspects of buying a company in the UAE.

We will guide you through all the necessary stages, from finding a suitable company to signing the agreement and drawing up all the necessary documents.

Our goal is to make this process as efficient and secure as possible for you, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your business decisions. We are ready to help you implement your business idea in the UAE and make the purchase of a company fast and successful.


Buying a ready-made company in the UAE, in particular in Dubai, can be a profitable investment opportunity for businessmen.

Dubai is attractive for its geographical location, low taxes, and high stability. Buying a ready-made company allows you to quickly start a business and take advantage of existing resources and reputation.

However, this process requires adherence to regulations and can be difficult without the appropriate support of legal experts. Our law firm is ready to help you through this entire process, ensuring a safe and fast purchase of a company in Dubai.

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Taras Miroshnychenko
Head of International Corporate Law and Fintech Practice

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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