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Opening of an individual enterprise in the Czech Republic

Lawyer, specialist in corporate law practice, specializes in legal support for businesses in the EU, UAE, USA, opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses

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Individual an entrepreneur in the Czech Republic is called OSVČ – “Persons with their own production activity “. When registering and maintaining individual enterprises in the Czech Republic you can face a number of complications.

For example, language barrier. If you don’t speak the Czech language, interacting with local authorities and filling out necessary documents can be a difficult task.

Also worth considering administrative formalities: process registration and further administrative work can require a lot of time and attention to detail.

Importantly in time present all necessary documents and execute all requirements. Not worth it to forget about financial one’s aspects such as management finance and management accounting department.

Application correct one’s financial strategies and accounting systems is key to a successful business. If you are planning to hire employees, it is important to understand employment and social regulations about bundles employers in the Czech Republic.

Registration of individual entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic can be beneficial for different species of businesses, especially for those who looking for a simple and fast way to become an entrepreneur.

However, in some specific industries, they can get more benefits from this type of status.

Here are some of them:

  • sphere of services: consulting, repair services, photography, restaurant business, etc., can find benefits in the simplicity and flexibility of this format;
  • owners of small shops;
  • creative professions;
  • freelancers and individual workers;
  • tourism and hospitality services.

Importantly consider specific requirements and restrictions in the Czech Republic, as well as carry out a reasonable survey of the market and competitors for a successful start of your business business.

What are the advantages? registration individual an entrepreneur in the Czech Republic?

  • Non-taxable expenses: 

Tax rules for an individual not too much of an entrepreneur strict and allow more deductions upon accrual taxes;

  • Below is the fee for accountants:

Cost operations accountants for an individual entrepreneurship is much lower than for the firm, more options to save information.

But it’s worth it to turn attention to shortcomings such as legal forms driving bines

  • Absence protection of personal assets;
  • personal responsibility for obligations;
  • Higher interest rates tax;

In general process registration may occupy sprat weeks, but digested cases when the process may stretch to the moon.

IP in the Czech Republic is like any other form of management business taxable different taxes.

Here are some of them:

  • Income tax (CIT): Individual entrepreneurs are paid income tax which is calculated based on their net profit. The tax rate currently 19%, but she can change, that’s why it’s important to follow the current one’s tax rates;
  • Added tax cost (VAT): If your turnover reaches a certain level, you may be obliged to register your company as a VAT payer and collect this tax from their own customers. Currently, the VAT rate is 21%;
  • Social and medical insurance;
  • Other local taxes: Depending on your place’s accommodation and management business, there can be additional local taxes.

Now let’s move on to the most important – the stages which consists registration of individual entrepreneur in the Czech Republic:

  • Gathering necessary documents: This may include your passport, residential address, and other documents that confirm your status as a foreigner. It may occupy sprat days.
  • Filling registration forms: You will have to fill out the application form for registration business. You can do it online or in the office trade cameras in the Czech Republic. This stage may occupy more sprat days.
  • Receiving identification number: After application submission will be issued to your identification number which may occupy sprat weeks.
  • Discovery banking account: For activity, You are usually an entrepreneur who needs bank local bank account. It is another stage that may occupy sprat days.
  • tax returns report: Remember in time to present necessary tax reports.

These steps can change depending on specific circumstances and type of business, therefore it is recommended to get a consultation from our lawyer to avoid possible problems.

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