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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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Opening a business in Slovakia

Located in the heart of Europe, Slovakia attracts entrepreneurs with its strategic geographical location, stable economic environment, and friendly conditions for starting and running a business.

The country, with its dynamic economy, offers a variety of opportunities for entrepreneurship — from innovative startups to traditional industries.

There are different ways to do business in Slovakia. The main forms of registration of the future company are LLC, JSC, and PJSC.

The country also provides an opportunity to register a sole proprietorship for non-residents. As an alternative to classic methods of conducting business, you can also consider the option of creating a representative office of a foreign company in Slovakia.

We offer to consider the main requirements that a non-resident must meet to open various forms of entrepreneurship that are available in the classic model of doing business in Slovakia:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The minimum authorized capital for the registration of an LLC in Slovakia must be EUR 5,000, while the minimum contribution of an LLC participant must be at least EUR 750 (15% of the total authorized capital of the future company).

The maximum number of participants is 50 people; minimum – 1 person. An individual cannot register an LLC: with tax arrears; is the founder of three other companies in Slovakia;

  • Joint-stock company (JSC).

Most of the requirements that apply to LLCs also apply to JSCs. The difference between them lies in the minimum mandatory authorized capital for registration (at least EUR 25,000), which is distributed among its participants in the form of shares with a certain nominal value, and the number of participants (when there is a need to register a company with a total number of participants of more than 50 people).

JSC can be registered by one founder, if he is a legal entity, or two individuals;

  • Ordinary joint-stock company (PJSC).

The main advantage of PJSC, which distinguishes it from previous forms of doing business, is the possibility of granting different rights to different types of shares, without restrictions.

PJSC is especially suitable for innovative start-ups, which allows participants to regulate their relationships flexibly and at their own will. The requirements for authorized capital are also favorable (it is 1 euro).

It is worth paying attention to business taxation in Slovakia. In particular, a single corporate tax of 21% is provided for companies.

This tax rate can be reduced to 15%, but only if the company’s annual sales volume does not exceed EUR 100,000.

In the territory of Slovakia, there is also a tax on dividends in the amount of 7%, which is calculated when the company’s profit is distributed among the participants (it does not apply to dividends to foreign citizens).

Business entities are also required to pay VAT at the standard rate of 20%, or at the preferential rate of 10%. For self-employed persons who have registered a sole proprietorship in Slovakia to conduct business, there is a tax rate of 25% to 19%.

Opening a business in Slovakia can be a promising step for entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities in the international market. The lawyers of Prykhodko and Partners JSC offer clients the following services for those who wish to open a business in Slovakia:

  • legal support for the registration of a turnkey company, the creation of a sole proprietorship, and obtaining the status of a VAT payer (if necessary);
  • legal support when opening an account for a company, an individual entrepreneur in Slovakia;
  • provision of consulting services on business taxation issues.


Slovakia has a stable economy that is actively developing, which creates many opportunities for doing business. With a favorable economic climate, government support, and access to the wide European Union market, Slovakia can be an ideal place to grow your business and achieve success.

Our company is ready to provide services to clients for the prompt opening of a business in the territory of this country.

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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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