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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have become one of the main topics in the modern world of business and finance.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the global economy have forced many companies to look for ways to use these technologies in their business.

One of the ways to introduce blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in a legal aspect is to register a crypto company in a country that promotes the development of this sector.

Costa Rica is one of those countries where the creation and registration of crypto-companies is at a high level.

In this article, we will consider the procedure for registering a crypto company in Costa Rica, its advantages, and legal aspects.

Registering a crypto company in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, located in Central America, has become an attractive destination for companies working in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The country is known for its stability and developed legal system, which makes it an ideal choice for creating and registering crypto companies.

Here are the key benefits of registering a crypto company in Costa Rica:

  • Costa Rica offers a simplified registration procedure for crypto companies, which allows you to quickly start a business.
  • The country has a tax regime that promotes the development of technology companies and reduces the tax burden on them.
  • Costa Rica is known for its transparent legal system and high level of legal protection for businesses.
  • Registering a crypto company in Costa Rica provides access to international markets and attracts investment from around the world.
  • The country has a well-developed banking system and a convenient financial environment for technology companies.

The procedure for registering a crypto company in Costa Rica

Registering a crypto company in Costa Rica involves several key steps:

  • Choosing the legal form of the company: The first step is to choose the legal form of your company. You can choose between different options, such as a corporation, limited liability, or foundation.
  • Company Registration: After choosing your company form, you will need to register it with the National Registry located in the main city of San Jose. You will also need a local address registrar who will be responsible for providing a mailing address for your company.
  • Preparation of the company’s charter: You will need to prepare the company’s charter, which includes the basic rules of the company’s operation and the distribution of shares.
  • Obtaining a Tax Identification Number: You must also obtain a Tax Identification Number for your company, which will allow you to pay taxes in Costa Rica.
  • Opening a bank account: After registering the company, you should open a bank account in one of the local banks. It will help you manage your company’s finances and carry out financial transactions.
  • Compliance with Legal Obligations: In addition, it is important to ensure compliance with all legal obligations related to taxation, reporting, and other aspects of operating your company in Costa Rica.

Legal aspects of registering a crypto company in Costa Rica

The legal aspects of the creation and operation of crypto-companies in Costa Rica are based on the current legislation of the country.

The main legal aspects that should be taken into account:

  • Tax regime: Costa Rica has a tax regime that allows crypto companies to reduce their tax burden. For example, profits from international activities may be exempt from taxes.
  • Regulation of Cryptocurrencies: There is no specific regulation of cryptocurrencies in Costa Rica, but it is important to consider international regulations and recommendations to reduce the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Licensing and Registration: Crypto companies may be subject to mandatory licensing and registration, depending on their activities. Registration is mandatory for most companies working with cryptocurrencies.
  • Liability and limited liability: It is important to determine the level of personal liability of the members of the crypto company and choose the appropriate legal form.
  • Investor Protection: The country seeks to ensure an appropriate level of investor protection in cryptocurrency projects operating on its territory.

The legal aspects of registering crypto companies in Costa Rica can change from time to time, so it is recommended to consult professional lawyers and consultants in the field to ensure full compliance with all requirements and regulations.

If you are planning to register a crypto company in Costa Rica and obtain a license, it is recommended to contact a professional law firm like Prikhodko & Partners. Professional lawyers and consultants of this company will be able to provide you with the expert support and advice you need to register a crypto company and obtain a license in Costa Rica.

“Prikhodko and Partners” can provide the following services:

  • Tips and advice: Our company’s legal experts will help you understand all the legal aspects of registering a crypto company in Costa Rica and the procedure for obtaining a license.
  • Preparation of documentation: We will help you prepare all necessary documents for company registration and license applications.
  • Communication with regulatory authorities: Our company will take care of communication with the regulatory authorities of Costa Rica and the submission of all necessary documents.
  • Conducting legal support: We also provide legal support and legal support services for your company after its registration and obtaining a license.

Contacting a professional law firm can greatly simplify the process of registration and obtaining a license and ensure compliance with all legal norms and obligations.


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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support of businesses in Ukraine and EU countries.

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