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Anti-corruption practice

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Anti-corruption practice


Prykhodko Andrii

 Ukraine’s anti-corruption policy is gaining momentum and sometimes the limits of its implementation by authorized bodies cross human rights borders.

In this case, corruption lawyers stand to protect the violated rights of citizens from the actions of law enforcement agencies.

The powers of law enforcement in the field of anti-corruption policy include the possibility of initiating both cases of administrative offenses and criminal cases against citizens.

Obviously, the consequences of such cases by the courts can be so negative that they not only affect a person’s reputation, but can also lead to the application of criminal sanctions.


The existence of a monopoly on representation in courts and the need to effectively protect the rights of individuals in corruption cases requires immediate recourse to an appropriate specialist – a lawyer for corruption.

Corruption lawyer services.

Our corruption lawyers in Kyiv can provide the following services to protect and represent your interests:

  • Acquaintance with the materials of a criminal case or a case of an administrative offense;
  • Full legal support of the Client during the pre-trial investigation on the qualification of the act as a corruption violation;
  • Full legal support of the Client during the drawing up of the protocol by the authorized bodies in the case of administrative corruption offense;
  • Formation of the legal position of the Client’s protection taking into account the actual conclusions of the Supreme Court and the ECtHR;
  • Protection of the Client’s interests in court hearings when considering cases of bringing to administrative or criminal responsibility for committing a corruption offense/misdemeanor/crime;
  • Communication with the authorized bodies on behalf and in the interests of the Client from the moment of initiating the corruption case and others.

Cases where the participation of a corruption lawyer is mandatory

Procedural legislation of Ukraine, adhering to international standards, establishes the existence of the principles of humanism, rule of law, fair trial and proper, effective protection of citizens’ rights.

It is obvious that it is almost impossible to counteract the illegal actions of law enforcement officers and other specially authorized persons without proper knowledge of the law, so Kyiv needs to be involved.

Certain provisions of the law stipulate the obligation to involve a lawyer in certain procedural actions, in particular, in the case when a person independently requires his involvement.


However, given that most corruption offenses are particularly serious, it should be noted that the participation of counsel, including a professional corruption lawyer, is mandatory in criminal proceedings for particularly serious crimes.

The following can apply to a corruption lawyer:

  • a person against whom a report on an administrative offense for committing a corruption offense has been drawn up;
  • suspect, accused, who is accused of committing a corruption crime;
  • a witness in the case of a corruption offense.

Corruption Lawyers Kyiv Prykhodko & Partners Law Firm has a positive experience of representing and protecting clients in corruption cases of any complexity, and managing partner Andriy Prykhodko is one of the most famous Kyiv lawyers in this category of cases.

Therefore, if you, your colleague or just an acquaintance became a participant in a corruption offense, do not waste a single minute to defend yourself, remember the constitutionally guaranteed right to legal aid, and to get it from professional lawyers (corruption lawyers) focused on these case, contact the Law Office “Prikhodko and Partners”.

A lawyer is a guideline and the main tool that is always a magic wand in the fight against law enforcement, and in case of participation in a corruption offense – a corruption lawyer, who will not only warn you about possible sanctions, but will not allow their application.Andrey Prikhodko

A professional corruption lawyer will not make any mistakes and always directs his actions to obtain the desired result for the Client, while maintaining his authority.

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