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Legal assistance in establishing disability

In today’s conditions, legal support for establishing disability is becoming an important component of assistance to persons with disabilities.

Understanding the process of defining disability groups and the legal aspects of this issue is important for ensuring adequate rights and social protection.

How do disability groups differ?

Groups of disabilities are classified into three main categories, each of which determines the degree of limitation of a person’s ability to self-care and interact with the environment.

  1. The first group of disabilities.
  • Significant violations of the motor system or visual impairments, which practically exclude the possibility of self-care.
  • Limitation in motor activity that requires constant assistance.
  1. The second group of disabilities.
  • Violation of the ability to motor activity or limitations in the organization of life activities with a limited degree of self-care.
  • Needs help in household and other areas.
  1. The third group of disabilities.
  • The presence of restrictions, but the person can independently perform basic functions under certain conditions.
  • Needs support in some aspects of life.

How and where to establish the appropriate disability group?

The definition of the disability group is the result of a medical and socio-economic examination.

The process of setting up a group includes the following stages:

  1. Medical examination.
  • Review of medical documents and examination results.
  • Determining the degree of limitation of the ability to work and self-care.
  1. Socio-economic expertise.
  • Assessment of social conditions and capabilities of a person.
  • Determining the level of support necessary to ensure a full life.
  1. Appealing the decision.
  • Our lawyers provide support in cases where the decision regarding the disability group contradicts medical or social facts.

The main difficulties of establishing disability

  1. Lack of objective medical data. Lack of complete medical records can make it difficult to determine the degree of disability. Solution: request for additional examinations and collection of documents from doctors.
  2. Social difficulties: taking into account socio-economic factors that affect the life of a person with disabilities. Solution: inclusion of social experts in the process of determining disability.
  3. Long waiting time for results. Solution: Active participation in the process and interaction with experts to accelerate the resolution of issues.
  4. Unfair decisions of experts. Decision: Legal protection and the possibility of challenging decisions in court.
  5. Lack of legal support, which may lead to non-recognition of rights and benefits related to disability. Our specialists can provide the necessary support and assistance in overcoming these difficulties, ensuring effective protection of the rights and interests of their clients.

By contacting our company, you will receive the necessary support and protection of your rights in the complex process of establishing a disability.

We offer:

  • Legal support. Checking medical documents and preparing a reasoned request for examination.
  • Appealing decisions. Representation of the client’s interests in judicial and administrative institutions in cases of conflict with the expert’s decision.
  • Consultations. Provision of professional advice and information on the rights of persons with disabilities.

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Family law lawyer. Specializes in divorce and probate matters.

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