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Obtaining a license for organizing and conducting gambling activities in casino gambling establishments

Our legal company “Prikhodko and Partners” specializes in many issues, including the provision of services for obtaining licenses for the organization and conduct of gambling games in casino gambling establishments.

Obtaining such a license is a key step in entering the gambling industry market and ensuring the legitimacy of your activity.


Why do you need a gambling license?

Obtaining a gambling license is a necessary and important stage for any company that seeks to engage in the organization and conduct of gambling games in casino gambling establishments.

There are several key reasons why a license is required:

  • Legality and regulation. A license ensures that your activity complies with the laws and regulations that apply to gambling in a particular region. This ensures compliance with regulations and prevents possible violations.
  • Confidence of the players. A license serves as evidence that your company operates by established standards and obligations, which helps to increase the confidence of players. Players, knowing that they are dealing with a legitimate operator, are more inclined to choose your casino.
  • Protection of society from abuse. The license allows regulators to control and monitor the activities of gambling establishments to avoid unfair practices and abuses. This is aimed at protecting the interests of players and preventing illegal activities.
  • Prevention of money laundering. Licensing institutions are often associated with mandatory procedures for the validation of identity and financial transactions, which helps in preventing money laundering and other criminal activities.
  • Compliance with international standards. Obtaining a license can also promote your company’s international recognition, allowing you to attract players from different countries and regions.

Undertaking the effort to obtain a gambling license is a strategic move that will ensure the legitimacy and stability of your gambling business.


What are the consequences of working in this field without a license?

Operating in the gambling industry without a proper license can lead to serious legal, financial, and reputational consequences.

Here are some possible consequences:

  • Fines and criminal liability. Without a license, your activity may be deemed illegal, which opens the way to fines and criminal liability. The fines can be significant, and the authorities can initiate criminal proceedings against those who break the law.
  • Prohibition of activity. If illegal gambling activity is detected, the regulatory authorities may issue a letter of prohibition, which results in the termination of your activity.
  • Loss of reputation. The reputational consequences can be severe, as players and partners may lose confidence in your company. This can lead to the loss of customers and important business relationships.
  • Problems with financial institutions. Banks and other financial institutions may deny you service or freeze your accounts because they may consider your activities to be risky and illegal.
  • Human rights measures. Law enforcement agencies may initiate enforcement actions, including confiscation of property and other assets associated with illegal gambling.

To avoid these negative consequences and to ensure the legality of your activity, it is important to obtain the appropriate license before starting the organization of gambling. In case of questions or the need for consultation, it is recommended to contact legal experts in the field of gambling.

Our legal services

Our law firm is ready to provide you with a full range of services in the matter of obtaining a license to organize and conduct gambling games in casino gambling establishments.

Our experience in this area and our expertise will allow you to efficiently go through the entire process of obtaining a license.

Our services include:

  • Consultations and preparation. We will provide you with detailed advice on all the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain a license. We will also help you prepare all the necessary documentation and fill out the necessary forms.
  • Representation before regulatory bodies. Our lawyers will represent your interests before the relevant regulatory authorities, ensuring effective communication and negotiation.
  • Support at every stage. We are ready to provide you with full support at all stages of the licensing process, including answering questions, solving possible problems, and interacting with the relevant authorities.
  • Court support. In case of disputes or situations related to obtaining a license, we will provide you with the necessary legal support and protect your rights in court.
  • Next support. After obtaining the license, we are also ready to provide you with follow-up support and consulting services to ensure you the stable and legal operation of your gambling establishment.

We understand the importance of each step in the process of obtaining a gambling license and are ready to provide you with the professional support you need to successfully implement your project.

Why should you choose us?

  • Our team of lawyers has a successful experience in the field of gambling regulation.
  • We understand that each client is unique, so we offer a personalized approach to each case.
  • Our goal is to ensure a quick and efficient license for your company.

Choose us to ensure a successful start to your gambling activity. Contact our lawyers for a detailed consultation and start the path to a legal and successful gambling business.

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Perepelchenko Anatolii
Senior partner

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, financial, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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