License for gambling equipment

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License for gambling equipment

Gambling equipment, which according to the content of this article should be understood as a gaming machine, a gaming table (including a gaming table with a roulette wheel) is an object that is subject to proper licensing in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Persons interested in conducting activities related to gambling and casinos should bear in mind that only in case of compliance with their license conditions and, accordingly, obtaining a proper license for certain categories of equipment, there is a real possibility of disposing of such equipment on legal grounds.

Carrying out the relevant activity without a license can lead to the imposition of rather large fines and bans from the regulatory body of the country.

First of all, it is worth analyzing those points that can cause difficulties for the client in the course of obtaining the appropriate license.

They concern, first of all, the type of license for gambling equipment, and the license conditions to which the applicant must comply when applying for the corresponding license from the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (hereinafter – KRAIL).

Let’s get acquainted with each of these points separately.

Types of gambling equipment licenses

Licenses for gambling equipment are of several types, which can be classified according to different separation criteria. On the territory of Ukraine, you can get a separate license for a slot machine, a license for a gaming table, and a license for a gaming table with a roulette wheel.

The main prerequisite for obtaining the specified types of license is the mandatory possession of a valid license of one of the specified types (depending on the desired type of activity):

  • a license in the field of gambling in casino gambling establishments;
  • a license in the field of organizing gambling games in slot machine halls;
  • investment license.

Licensing conditions for obtaining certain types of licenses for gambling equipment

Obtaining a license for gambling equipment requires the applicant and his business to meet several mandatory conditions for conducting the relevant activity. We will immediately emphasize that a business entity (LLC, TDV, FOP, for example) can obtain the appropriate license.

In addition, the following requirements may be imposed on the client (and business):

  • availability of authorized capital in the amount necessary for activity licensing;
  • absence of debt to the state budget (in particular, for tax liability) and other financial lending institutions;
  • proper compliance of the premises, where the relevant gambling equipment will be operated, with sanitary, hygienic, and fire safety standards
  • proper certification of gambling equipment for its operation.

It is important not only to comply with the above license conditions at the time of applying to the licensing authority for obtaining the appropriate permission but also not to violate these requirements throughout the entire activity.

At the same time, we clarify that the violation of the specified license conditions and other requirements established in accordance with the clarifications of CRAILL and the current legal framework of Ukraine may result not only in the imposition of a fine in the appropriate amount but also in the cancellation of the obtained license.

Lawyers of JSC “Prikhodko and Partners” can not only provide you with full legal advice on issues related to licensing conditions and the process of obtaining a corresponding license for gambling equipment but also full legal support of the entire process until the moment of obtaining the license.

Such support will include the following actions: preparation of documentation and applications for submission to KRAIL, communication with KRAIL regarding the process of obtaining a license (for example, correcting deficiencies in documents, providing additional documentation, etc.), performing all other actions for the desired result – obtaining a license for gambling equipment.


Obtaining a license for gambling equipment is a complex and rather complicated process.

To choose the type of license that the client wishes to obtain, orientation in the licensing conditions and stages of obtaining the desired license, as well as the possibility of obtaining full legal support, we recommend contacting the lawyers of Prikhodko and Partners JSC.

This will not only help to qualitatively approach this issue, but also save your precious time.

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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for businesses in EU countries.

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