Специалист практик миграционного и корпоративного права также специализируется на юридическом сопровождении бизнеса в странах ЕС.

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License for a preschool institution in Ukraine

Preschools in Ukraine play a key role in forming the foundations of children’s lives and social experiences, as well as in preparing them for schooling.

One of the important components of their activity is obtaining a license, which is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Let’s look at the procedure for obtaining a license for a preschool in the country.

The procedure for licensing preschool institutions is based on several laws and regulatory acts of Ukraine.

The main ones are the Law of Ukraine “On Preschool Education”, which defines the general principles and standards of activities of preschool institutions and establishes requirements for the conditions of inclusive education, and the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Businesses”, which defines the procedure and conditions for licensing various types of business, including educational institutions.

The stages of obtaining a license consist of the following, such as:

Preparatory stage:

  • Development of the charter and provisions of the preschool institution by the current requirements of the law.
  • Ensuring compliance of the premises of the preschool institution with sanitary and fire regulations.

Collection and preparation of necessary documents:

  • Application for obtaining a license.
  • Charter and regulations on the preschool institution.
  • Copies of documents on the right of ownership or use of the premises.
  • Medical certificate for the manager and teaching staff.
  • Documents confirming the educational and qualification training of the teaching staff.

Submission of application and documents:

  • Submission of application and documents to the licensing authority.

Expert evaluation:

  • Expert assessment of premises and documents.

Issuing a license:

  • Issuance of a license for the right to conduct preschool educational activities.
  • Control and regular inspection.

The licensing procedure is a very important process that can be difficult to perform due to several factors affecting it, for example:

Regulatory framework and changes in legislation.

The licensing process for preschools is based on laws and regulations. Frequent changes in legislation and the introduction of new requirements can make it difficult to determine the procedures and requirements that must be met to obtain a license.

Technical and sanitary requirements.

Ensuring compliance with technical and sanitary regulations can be a big challenge. Especially if the premises do not meet modern requirements or needs.

Qualification and number of teaching staff.

The availability of qualified and highly qualified personnel is a mandatory requirement. Ensuring the appropriate level of qualifications and the appropriate number of teaching staff can be a time-consuming task.

Financial aspects and infrastructure.

Financial issues, such as providing adequate infrastructure and funding to hire highly qualified personnel, can complicate the licensing process.

Control and self-regulation.

Preschools must ensure that they remain in compliance after obtaining a license.

Self-regulation and internal control can be a challenge for many institutions. This may include scheduled audits and periodic inspections by regulatory authorities.

Therefore, the procedure for obtaining licenses for preschool institutions in Ukraine is an important stage for ensuring high-quality education for children.

Although this process can be difficult due to several factors, proper preparation, compliance with all requirements, and clear communication can greatly facilitate the process of obtaining licenses and ensure that preschools operate at a high level.

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Специалист практик миграционного и корпоративного права также специализируется на юридическом сопровождении бизнеса в странах ЕС.

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