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Agreement on foreign economic activity (development of the agreement) in Ukraine

For many entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world, foreign economic activity is an indispensable part of their strategic development.

This makes it possible not only to expand sales markets and increase profitability but also to influence the company’s reputation, and ensure its stability and competitiveness.

In order to carry out foreign economic transactions and interaction with foreign counterparties, it is necessary to conclude agreements on foreign economic activities (hereinafter – Foreign Economic Agreements).

On this page, we will consider the key aspects of the development of such contracts and their important components.

What is the FEA Agreement?

The Agreement on Foreign Economic Activity (Treaty on Foreign Economic Activity) is a legal document that regulates relations between subjects of foreign economic activity in the process of international exchange of goods, services, investments, etc.

This type of contract can include a wide range of provisions and conditions since foreign economic activity is very diverse and can include import, export, license agreements, franchising, joint ventures, transportation, customs issues, and much more.

The effective development of the FEA is an important aspect of successful foreign economic activity, as it depends on the quality of interaction between the parties and the resolution of possible conflicts.

Thus, a number of important steps must be followed and key aspects taken into account when creating the FEA  Agreement.

Key steps in the development of the FEA 

  • Analysis of the needs and goals of the parties. The first step in the development of the FEA  Agreement is the analysis of the needs and goals of both parties. It is important to find out exactly what the parties want to achieve, and what requirements and expectations they have for the contract. This will help to understand what terms and conditions should be included in the contract to satisfy the interests of both parties.
  • Selection of the type of the FEA  Agreement. Depending on the nature of foreign economic operations, the parties must determine the type of contract. It can be, for example, a contract for the supply of goods, a contract for the provision of services, a license agreement, etc. The choice of contract type affects the content and structure of the contract.
  • Determination of payment terms. One of the most important aspects of the FEA  Agreement is the terms of payment. The parties must agree on the price of goods or services, terms of payment, currency, settlement terms, fines for late payment, etc.
  • Establishing terms and conditions of delivery. The contract must clearly define the terms of delivery of goods or provision of services, including the place of delivery, terms of delivery, insurance, and other important aspects.
  • Resolution of disputes and conflicts. The FEA  agreement must contain provisions for the resolution of disputes and conflicts between the parties. This may be an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, such as arbitration, or a court proceeding.
  • Liability for breach of contract. The contract must define the rules of liability of the parties in case of violation of the terms of the contract. This may include the establishment of fines, compensations, termination of the contract, etc.
  • Customs and import aspects. If the contract involves the international exchange of goods, customs and import aspects must be taken into account. The contract must contain relevant provisions regarding customs payments, transportation, etc.
  • Legal analysis and compliance. When developing the FEA  Agreement, it is important to take into account the legal framework of the country in which the foreign economic activity will take place. The contract must be in accordance with national and international laws and regulations.

The development of the FEA  Agreement is a complex process that requires professional legal support.

It is recommended to involve qualified lawyers who have experience in foreign economic activity for the preparation and development of the contract.

For example, you can turn to our law firm “Prikhodko and Partners” for help.

Final thoughts

The agreement on foreign economic activity is a necessary tool for regulating relations between companies engaged in the international exchange of goods and services.

Effective development of the contract helps to avoid risks, ensures mutual cooperation, and affects the success of foreign economic operations. A properly drafted FEA  Agreement takes into account the interests of both parties and meets the requirements of the law.

If you need legal support in drafting an FEA  or advice on foreign economic activities, contact our qualified lawyers.

We are ready to help you in all matters related to foreign economic activity and ensure the legal security of your business. For consultation or calculation of the price of the development of a contract of foreign economic activity – fill out the form below.

Perepelchenko Anatolii
Senior partner

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, financial, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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