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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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Mazur Yelyzaveta


Grounds for obtaining citizenship in Spain:

  • Through naturalization
  • Through investments
  • Through marriage
  • Family reunification program
  • Refugees receiving asylum
  • By right of choice

Spain does not allow dual citizenship (except for some Latin American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, and Portugal). If you are a citizen of another country that is not included in this list, you must renounce your original citizenship in favor of Spanish.

Obtain Spanish citizenship by naturalization

Naturalization is the process of long-term residence on the territory of the country followed by the granting of citizenship to a foreigner. In order to obtain Spanish citizenship through naturalization, you must legally live in Spain for 10 years with specific goals, such as business, employment, marriage or family reunification, and others.

A person who claims to obtain Spanish citizenship must demonstrate law-abidingness, and confirm knowledge of the language, culture, and traditions. You also need to renounce your existing citizenship to become a Spanish citizen.

Obtain Spanish citizenship by investment 

You will not be able to get citizenship only through investment. Through investments, it is possible to obtain a residence permit, live in Spain, obtain a permanent residence, and only then have citizenship on the basis of naturalization.

The only advantage is that the investment allows for easy legalization in Spain. A foreigner can obtain a residence permit through the purchase of a real estate for the amount of 500,000 euros or more.

Obtain Spanish citizenship through marriage 

Obtaining citizenship through marriage is one of the most popular in Spain. This is a simplified procedure that makes it possible to obtain citizenship after 1 year on the basis of marriage and residence in Spain for a year since according to the standard rule for obtaining Spanish citizenship, a foreign citizen must live in Spain for 10 years.

Obtain Spanish citizenship through family reunification

Who can use this right:

  • The wife of a foreigner, if the marriage is not fictitious;
  • Children of a foreigner who have not reached the age of majority or have a disability;
  • Relatives of a foreigner who is dependent on him and have reached the age of 65.

Obtain Spanish citizenship through refugee 

Refugees from any country can apply for citizenship after 5 years of stay in Spain. Also, the status of “refugee” gives a foreigner permission to temporarily stay in the country.

That is, summarizing all of the above, it is possible to obtain Spanish citizenship:

  • Due to naturalization – 10 years;
  • Through investments – 10 years;
  • Through marriage – 1 year;
  • Due to refugee status – 5 years;
  • Due to the right of demand – 1 year
  • * For citizens of Latin America, the Philippines, Guinea, Andorra, or Portugal: 2 years

Obtain Spanish citizenship by right of choice 

Foreigners who:

  • Were under the care of Spanish citizens;
  • Parents are Spanish by origin;
  • They were adopted by the Spaniards.

The right to choose is claimed before reaching the age of 18 through a representative or guardian or within 2 years after reaching the age of majority.

Consultation of a migration lawyer on obtaining citizenship in Spain

  1. Where can you consult on obtaining Spanish citizenship?

Migration lawyers of Yuk Prykhodko and partners will help you prepare the necessary documents and help you determine the basis for submitting an application for citizenship.

  1. Is it mandatory to apply for Spanish citizenship in person?

A migration lawyer in Spain will advise how to correctly send documents by mail, how to certify a signature, how to deal with minor children and children aged 16 to 18, etc.

  1. How can I make an appointment at the consulate to obtain Spanish citizenship?

A migration lawyer in Spain will help you find the optimal consulate, and its address and send the relevant documents by email or post.

  1. What documents are required to obtain Spanish citizenship?

Migration lawyers in Spain and Ukraine will check the documents you have, and advise what is missing and where to get the necessary documents, if necessary, they will make legal requests and request documents from archives or state institutions.

  1. What is the cost, how much does it cost to get a Spanish citizenship?

The services of a migration lawyer depend on the amount of work to be done and are calculated individually.

  1. What is the deadline for obtaining Spanish citizenship?

It all depends on what basis you choose to apply for Spanish citizenship.

The cost of obtaining Spanish citizenship depends on the scope of services provided by our migration lawyers in Spain.

Usually, the range of services includes:

  • translation of documents into Polish and its certification by a notary
  • consultations and legal services
  • help in filling out the application and questionnaire
  • counseling and recommendations on passing the interview
  • escort to the interview
  • interpreter services if necessary
  • help and with housing and transport

How to obtain Spanish citizenship for a citizen of Ukraine

This is the most relevant question today, to which our migration lawyers know the answer and will provide all possible options.

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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