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Ukrainians today are interested in a number of issues, including

“Why should you invest in Spain?”,

“In what types of business or real estate should you invest in Spain?”,

“What is the return on investment in Spain?”,

“What are the advantages of investing in Spain?”,

“How much money is safe to invest in Spain?” and there are a lot of such questions.

Investment lawyers of Yuk Prykhodko and partners will help you decide on an investment object, choose options specifically for your request, and also assess investment risks.

Among the variety of countries that are part of the European Union, the Kingdom of Spain stands out for its more loyal attitude towards immigrants. In 2013, the authorities of this state passed a law regulating the granting of Spanish residence permits to wealthy and enterprising foreigners in exchange for investments in the national economy.

Why investing in Spain is profitable

  1. Real estate in Spain is one of the cheapest in Europe;
  2. High return on investment: The Spanish real estate market currently offers the highest return on investment (ROI) in history.
  3. Investing in Spain is beneficial for literally everything: real estate, both residential and commercial, as well as ready-made businesses.
  4. The possibility of staying at a permanent place of residence when buying real estate.
  5. Immediate sale of the asset in case of an urgent need to withdraw money.
  6. Spain will delight you with its mild climate and close proximity to the sea. In fact, you will live in a resort with a high European level of comfort and safety.
  7. An investor has the right to do anything in the territory of the kingdom: to run a business, to get a job, to study, or just to enjoy a vacation.
  8. The health of the investor and his family will be reliably protected by the Spanish health care system, which by the level of development confidently occupies one of the leading places in Europe.
  9. After 5 years, you will be able to apply for a PMP, and 10 years of stay in the country under certain conditions entitles you to naturalization and issuance of a citizen’s passport.

Residence permit in Spain for investment

  • In order to get a residence permit, you need to invest in the amount of 500,000 euros or more. This amount can be used to purchase residential or commercial real estate. It does not matter if it is one object or several. You can buy a country house or several small apartments – the main thing is that as a result, the total value of the real estate will be more than 500,000 euros.
  • Investment in securities – from 1 million euros
  • Government bonds – from 2 million euros
  • Deposit in the bank – from 1 million euros
  • Purchase of shares of state-owned companies in the amount of more than 1 million euros. This option is also suitable for investment funds.

One of the main advantages of a residence permit in Spain is the possibility of visa-free entry to the countries of the Schengen zone. The initial residence permit is issued for 2 years. Then the residence permit can be extended every 5 years. Also, obtaining a residence permit can be the first step to obtaining a PMP and Spanish citizenship. Two terms that are similar in meaning are often confused – “Golden visa” and investor’s residence permit. The Spanish Golden Visa is issued to the investor for a period of 365 days or for six months if the funds are decided to be invested in real estate, but the purchase has not yet been completed. However, this is only a visa that is placed in your passport, not a resident card.

How to properly invest money in Spain and not burn out?

Our team of investment lawyers will help you with the following questions

  • Determine the optimal amount of funds for investment
  • Decide on the type of investment (real estate, business, startup, etc.)
  • Will select optimal objects for investment
  • Will conduct due diligence on the investment object
  • Will prepare the necessary investment agreements to protect your interests as much as possible
  • Supports “turnkey” all investment and profit-making processes

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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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