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Here, bitcoin and other digital currencies are considered financial assets and involve additional tax obligations. Namely: ownership of cryptocurrency is considered the same as ownership of other assets, say, company shares. If you own more than a certain amount (which varies according to the laws of the autonomy you live in), you will have to pay a wealth tax;

in Spain, it is necessary to declare the transfer of crypto-assets by inheritance or donation, and the applicable inheritance and donation tax rate depends on the laws of the autonomy;

if the activity is cryptocurrency mining, the Spanish Treasury will consider it as an economic activity. The subject must be registered as self-employed, therefore, the profit received from economic activity will be subject to taxation (it is possible to deduct expenses).

Spanish personal income tax is declared on the capital gain or loss determined by the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of the crypto-asset.

Let’s consider cryptocurrency taxation in a broader sense, for example, when mining bitcoin or other virtual assets. If your business is related to such activities, you need:

  • register with the Spanish tax authorities (forms 036 or 037);
  • register with the Spanish social security authorities (RETA);
  • fill out quarterly forms for payment of personal income tax and submit annual reports;
  • register in the Register of Operators (ROI) and fill in the relevant quarterly forms for operations;
  • submit annual reports on transactions with third parties.

Cryptocurrency lawyer in Spain

Legal assistance for crypto in Spain:

  • Legal use of cryptocurrency
  • Legalization of income received from operations with crypto and investments in cryptocurrencies
  • Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Consulting on IEO
  • Taxation of withdrawal of assets in fiat money
  • Legal support of ICO and IEO projects
  • Structuring of blockchain companies
  • Assistance to crypto investors
  • The assistance of a lawyer on cryptocurrency investments
  • Registration of ICO/IEO/DeFi and Mining

We provide full legal support for transactions with cryptocurrencies, conducting ICO / IEO, registration of DeFi, and organization of cryptocurrency mining, which is why you landed on this page when you entered “cryptocurrency legal help”, “cryptocurrency lawyer”, “bitcoin legal advice” into the search engine. “help with cryptocurrencies”, “bitcoin consultations”, “legal advice on cryptocurrencies”, “blockchain contract”, “Ethereum contract”, “legal advice on cryptocurrencies and taxes”

Legal assistance in Spain – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Therefore, the assistance of lawyers on issues of cryptocurrencies, their mining, the registration of IEO, DeFi and other crypto projects is a set of measures aimed at the registration of such relationships in full compliance with the current legislation of Spain and the EU.

The most common questions to our lawyers are:

Payment for services, works, real estate and other assets in Spain with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Truth or myth?

In which cities in Spain can you exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies?

How to buy goods for bitcoin in Spain?

You can get answers to these and other questions by calling our lawyers or by leaving your phone number.

Importantly! We recommend a mechanism for purchasing certain property for “crypto” by concluding a mining contract. The conclusion of a contract for the sale of goods or services where payment is made in crypto-currency can be judicially declared null and void as crypt as a currency is not recognized at the legal level in Spain. For example, cryptocurrency in Ukraine is not recognized as a means of payment, and due to some regulations and positions of central authorities, it is equated to surrogate money.

Our lawyers are perfectly versed in all the trends in the regulation of cryptocurrency in the world, including in Spain, guaranteeing the most protected ways of its use.

Crypto exchange in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Selvia, Valencia, Malaga)

Buying and selling cryptocurrency in Spain through YK Prykhodko and partners is profitable and safe. Try us at work!

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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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