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How to get EU citizenship?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, 18.1 thousand Ukrainians managed to obtain EU citizenship, and this was only 3% of the total number of recipients of passports of the European Union countries. At the same time, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit (TRP) in the EU with further obtaining of citizenship is complicated, but quite affordable for implementation. The main success factor is professional legal support!


What is the attractiveness of obtaining an EU residence permit?

Important! Let’s define the concepts: an EU citizen is a citizen of one of the 27 counties that are part of the European Union. According to Article 17 (1) of the Treaty of Rome, Union citizenship complements national citizenship but does not replace.

All EU citizens are equal in their rights and privileges, regardless of nationality. At the same time, it is easier for a Ukrainian to obtain European citizenship by issuing a passport of Poland, Portugal, Romania or Bulgaria than by issuing a passport of France, Belgium or Luxembourg.

Among the key advantages of a residence permit and permanent residence in the EU:

free movement within Europe (according to the “Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union” dated December 07, 2000 and Directive 2004/38 / EC dated April 29, 2004);

visiting more than 170 countries without obtaining additional permits;

the possibility of obtaining favorable loans for business development, as well as mortgages, access to prestigious banking institutions in Europe;

official employment and stdying in universities without additional paperwork;

legal residence in Europe without time limits.

How to obtain an EU passport with the support of migration lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

Our company provides legal support for all popular programs of immigration to Europe for Ukrainians. With the support of attorneys and lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, the registration of EU citizenship takes place in the shortest possible time, there is practically no risk of inaccuracies and mistakes in documents and procedures.

Obtaining European citizenship is carried out through the implementation of one of three programs:

1. Naturalization.
Through legal permanent stay in the country (with a temporary residence permit) from 5 to 12 years, learning the language, sometimes passing the relevant exams.

2. Repatriation.
By means of documentary substantiation of the historical (kinship) belonging to the respective country. You can get a European passport in this way in just a year or a little more. But it is very difficult to collect documentary evidence of belonging to the country.

3. Investments.
By investing money in the development of the country’s economy, in particular – establishing your own company or investing in an existing business. This is the most common and simple, but at the same time the most expensive way to become an EU citizen.

For your information! In some EU countries dual citizenship is allowed. At the same time Ukrainian legislation prohibits dual citizenship. Therefore, obtaining EU citizenship is associated with the need to refuse a Ukrainian passport.

How to obtain EU citizenship through the purchase of real estate?

The purchase of real estate is considered as an investment option. However, not in all countries the legislation treats the acquisition of real estate as an investment in the development of the economy. Mostly, such a purchase is seen as satisfying one’s own household needs.

Important! Today, only a few EU countries are ready to offer the possibility of obtaining citizenship after acquiring a fairly impressive amount of real estate. These are Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece. After buying a real estate in these countries, obtaining an EU passport does not take place immediately, but only after a few years.

These countries are included to the TOP “EU Residence permit 2020” (excluding Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, where the residence permit is available in other ways). Migration lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm advise their clients to look closely for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship to Portugal.

When it comes to a residence permit for financially independent individuals, Portugal is one of the best options:

  • it is one of the most comfortable countries for living in Europe with a Mediterranean climate;
  • investment in real estate under the residence permit program must be 350,000 € (which is less than in Spain);
  • you can become a citizen within five years after buying real estate (in some countries, the period from investment to obtaining citizenship is 12 years);
  • to confirm the status of a residence permit, you will need to spend only fourteen days in the country within two years.


If you are interested in EU citizenship, you can get it in different ways and in different countries. The specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm are ready to undertake all the necessary legal support!

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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