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Citizenship is a rather important connection between a person and the state, in this case, it is a two-way connection because both parties acquire both rights and obligations.

Obtaining Estonian citizenship is not so easy, upon obtaining it, a person receives quite a lot of advantages from having a citizen’s passport. Also, Estonia is introducing an electronic option to obtain citizenship.

According to the law on citizenship of the Republic of Estonia, you can become a citizen of Estonia on the following grounds:

  • citizenship by origin
  • citizenship by naturalization
  • citizenship in connection with marriage

Citizenship by naturalization

If you have lived in Estonia for 8 years, of which the last 5 years you had a permanent residence permit, you can apply for citizenship through naturalization.

The following requirements must be met:

  • age over 15 years
  • It is necessary to confirm the level of knowledge of the Estonian language, or if you received education at an Estonian university, then this is not necessary
  • Take an exam on the history of Estonia
  • Certificates indicating the ability to support oneself financially
  • Certificate of registration of the place of residence in the population register of Estonia
  • Take an oath of loyalty to Estonia
  • Renounce the citizenship of another country

Citizenship by origin

If one of your parents is an Estonian citizen born in Estonia, you are an Estonian citizen by birth, even if you were born outside of Estonia. You are also entitled to Estonian citizenship by birth if you were born to Estonian parents who revoked your Estonian citizenship before you turned 18 and now, as an adult, want to restore it.

Citizenship for children

If a person is a minor, he can also apply for Estonian citizenship under the following conditions:

  • The legal guardian is an Estonian citizen
  • Parents received citizenship after your birth
  • There is a single father or a single mother who received Estonian citizenship after your birth
  • One of your parents received citizenship after your birth and with the permission of the other parent who does not have Estonian citizenship
  • Your parents or one of your parents, with the permission of the other, apply for Estonian citizenship together with you.

Citizenship in connection with marriage

If you have married an Estonian citizen or a person with a long-term residence permit in Estonia. As an Estonian spouse, you will receive a temporary residence permit for 5 years, and then extend it for another 3 years, after living for 8 years, you will be able to apply for citizenship.

Consultation of a migration lawyer on issues of obtaining citizenship

  1. Is it necessary to apply for Estonian citizenship in person?

Documents must be submitted in person through the Estonian Border Police

  1. What documents are required to obtain Estonian citizenship?
  • Completed application (in Estonian, must be signed)
  • Payment of the administrative fee – 13 euros
  • Passport
  • A document indicating that you are not a citizen of other countries
  • Bank statement about income for the last 6 months
  • Digital photo card
  • Language test – a certificate confirming that you have passed the Estonian language test, you must have level B1 (in total 4 levels A1, A2, B1, B2)

Selection and search of the necessary documents is a complex process, difficulties may also arise when filling out the forms, and therefore migration lawyers in Estonia and Ukraine will check the correctness of all documents, the correctness of their filling before submitting them, advise on what may be missing and where to get those documents which are missing, if necessary, lawyers will make inquiries and demand documents from archives or state institutions.

  1. What is the deadline for obtaining Estonian citizenship

The term for considering the application and obtaining citizenship is 6 months

  1. The cost of registration for Estonian citizenship will depend on the volume of work that will be performed by the lawyer.

The service package usually includes the following:

  • translation of documents into Estonian and its certification by a notary
  • consultations and legal services
  • help in filling out the application and questionnaire
  • interpreter services if necessary
  • help with housing and transport

How to obtain Estonian citizenship for a citizen of Ukraine

This is the most relevant question today, to which our migration lawyers know the answer and will provide all possible options.


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