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Change of KVED of the authorized capital of the address of the founders of the director

Perepelchenko Anatolii
Заступник керуючого партнера

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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Change of KVED

In the activities of each legal entity, questions arise that require changes either in the constituent documents or the Classification of Foreign Economic Activity, or a change in the legal address or even the head. Such situations arise very often, because the world does not stand still and something is constantly changing.

The first thing that arises in this question is where to start the change? And I would like to note that it is worth starting with legal advice on the changes planned to take place.

To make any change in the activities of a legal entity, you must first hold a General Meeting. On which to make an appropriate decision to change or KVED or that address or any change. This decision should be formalized in the minutes. After that, amend the main document of the Charter. There should also be minutes of the general meeting about the amendments to the Articles of Association. Then contact the state registrar to register these changes and provide a complete package of documents.

That is, from the above it follows that it is not so simple and easy to make changes in the activities of a legal entity. This process requires a significant investment of time and effort.

Do not forget about paying mandatory fees for making such changes.

The deadline for registering changes is 24 hours from the date of submission of the full package of documents.

Also, do not forget that after changing the legal address (if it is a different area), you need to register with the tax authorities at the new place of registration.

You also need to consider:

Inform the banks in which the accounts are open. The bank monitors the relevance of the data, any change in the information about the company must be reported in writing.



It is necessary to provide copies of documents with updated data. EDS. The electronic key contains a set of data about the company, if the official (director, chief accountant), legal address changes, you need to get a new key.



Make changes to the documents of a permitting nature – when you change the address, you need to replace licenses, permits and other important documents.




Inform contractors about a change in address, for example, the postal address for receiving letters, documents is changing, and if the location of the train changes, suppliers and customers should know about it as soon as possible. An additional agreement on a change of address or other changes in contracts will do.

That is, quite a lot of nuances often lead to the fact that you can get lost in their quantity and put an important point. Therefore, if there is a need to make changes in the activities of a legal entity (KVED, Charter, change of address, founder, head or any other changes), it is worth entrusting this matter to special companies specializing in such issues. After all, timely appeal is a guarantee of confidence in achieving the desired result.

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