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The Verkhovna Rada has registered the bill No. 2455, the task of which is to exclude the possibility of avoiding administrative responsibility for unlawful acts provided for in Art. 130 Kupup.
Administrative punishment for committing the offense under Art. 130 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses (driving vehicles or vessels that are in the state of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication or under the influence of drugs that reduce their attention and speed of reaction) may be imposed within 1 year from the date of its committing.

According to the current version of the Code, as a general rule, administrative penalties may be imposed no later than 3 months from the date of the offense, and in the case of a long-term offense – 3 months from the date of its detection. Thus, for most offenses, the day of committing the offense is the point of reference of the limitation period.
As explained in the explanatory note, in practice, due to the untimely transmission by the police of materials of administrative offenses to court, and sometimes by the deliberate delay by the court itself of the terms of consideration of cases, every year thousands of offenders avoid liability.
Lawmakers note that among the nearly 30,000 lawsuits registered during the year in the Unified State Register of Judgments on the Management of Vehicles or Vessels in Alcohol, Drug or Other Intoxication or Under the influence of Drugs that Reduce their attention and speed of reaction, where drunk drivers are predominantly driving, in 13 569 cases were imposed, 13 054 – found guilty, 1 666 – were brought to administrative responsibility, 942 were deprived of their rights.

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