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Посвідчення заповітів

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  • a simple registration process, compared with a legal entity;
  • accounting is much simpler than the legal entity;
  • opportunity to pay less taxes, rather than working on a common system of taxation;
  • the opportunity to work with cash.
To register
  • a copy of the identification number – tax number of individual;
  • copy of passport;
  • information about the activities of the entrepreneur can choose the most (RDTL) – or our experts will help you in this;
  • address at which you want to operate (typically at FLP business is the place of registration of citizens, but the law does not prohibit register business activities elsewhere).



Opening an account with any bank

1000 UAH

Connection of the MEDOC program

1000 UAH

Selection of director, other staff

The price is negotiable

Service activities

from 5 000 UAH/month

Getting the hood from the registry

500 UAH

Getting help statistics

500 UAH

Accreditation at customs

1500 UAH

Manufacture of EDS key

950 UAH

Printing for a company

500 UAH

Obtaining permits, licenses

The price is negotiable


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