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Representing subjects declaring in court and NАPC

 Law enforcement agencies are active fight against corruption, resulting in a person, regardless of the type of activity may become a defendant in the corruption case, even without the intention of illicit enrichment or receiving undue benefits.

 According corruption provides for administrative and criminal liability.

 Administrative offenses of corruption:

  • Article 172-4 CAO (Violation of restrictions on combining and combining with other activities);
  • Article 172-5 CAO (Breach statutory restrictions on receiving gifts);
  • Article 172-6 CAO (Violation of financial controls. Importantly! Responsibility for this article by submitting knowingly false information in the declaration of the person authorized to perform state functions or local government in respect of property or other object declaration that has value occurs if the following information from different reliable in the amount of 100 to 250 subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons. More than 250 living wage – art. 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Declaration of false information).
  • Article 172-7 CAO (Violation of requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflict of interest);
  • Article 172-8 CAO (illegal use of the information was known person in connection with authority);
  • Article 172-9 CAO (Failure to combat corruption);
  • Article 172-9-1 Administrative Code (Violation of the ban on sports betting related to the manipulation of official sports competitions);
  • Article 188-46 CAO (Non-legal requirements (regulations) of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption);
  • Article 212-15 Administrative Code (Violation of giving or receiving payments to political parties, breach of giving or receiving public funding of charter activities of political parties, breach of giving or receiving financial (material) support for campaigning or campaigning Ukrainian or local referendum );
  • Article 212-21 Administrative Code (violation of order of presentation of the financial report on receipt and use of campaign funds, party report of property, income, expenses and financial obligations).

 Draw up reports on the commission of these offenses is authorized by the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption  (hereinafter – NAPC).

 Our attorneys and lawyers provide timely, comprehensive, complete and objective investigation of all circumstances under Articles 247 and 280 of the Administrative Code, in particular establish:

 ✔ whether there has been an offense for which the person prosecuted;

 ✔ whether the corpus corruption offense prescribed by law;

 ✔ whether a person is guilty of committing;

 ✔ whether it belongs to the subjects of the offense;

 ✔ contains no evidence of a crime offenses;

 ✔ or not over the time period of the case under Art. 38 CAO;

 ✔ if there are other circumstances that exclude proceedings;

 ✔ etc.


Administrative penalty for an offense related to corruption may be imposed within three months after its discovery, but not later than two years after its occurrence. According to Art. 38 CAO administrative penalty may be imposed on the guilty person no later than two months from the date of commission of corruption offenses while continuing offense – two months after its discovery, and no later than one month after the decision not to institute criminal proceedings or to close it if the actions of a person signs a corruption offense. Any renewal, extension or interruption of such terms CAO provided. Therefore, in case of termination of an administrative penalty proceedings should be closed. When closing the proceedings on administrative offenses related to corruption in the absence of events or of administrative offenses suspended from official duties person compensated average earnings during his forced absence associated with the removal.

 It is important to remember that the decision of a person is guilty of an offense is not receiving Nazca and the court. Law firm «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS» provides a comprehensive representation of individuals for which protocols on administrative violations on the above items in NAPC and court. Current legislation contains a number of loopholes that allow our lawyers to prove your innocence in court, to restore the reputation, and, if appropriate, compensate the material and non-material damage.

 Cost of services is determined individually, based on the complexity of the case.

 Please contact our lawyers for advice.

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