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Repayment of debts

 If you have a question about repayment of a debt on a receipt or a loan agreement, you should understand the most important thing: time is not in your favor! From our experience, we can safely say that in such a matter of time to get your money back, it is either gone or gone.

 How does the issue of debt repayment arise? Probably everyone was in a situation where you were approached by friends, acquaintances, business partners, etc. with a request to lend a certain amount of money for a certain period. In most cases, people go to such requests and lend. It is important to note here such a point: the correctness of such a “loan”. After all, if you simply give money in debt without supporting documents, then a receipt or a loan agreement, then, in the event of the debtor’s failure, you will not be able to repay your money by 99%.


 What should I include in my receipt?

 When drawing up a receipt to receive funds, it is necessary to pay attention to the correctness of filling in the data about the borrower and the debtor. The following details must be specified:

– full name;
– date of birth;
– data on the identity document;
– place of registration and residence.

 The amount of debt is then written, preferably in figures and in words. Moreover, if the money is borrowed in foreign currency, we recommend that you prescribe a rate at which the money will be repaid in order to avoid misunderstandings.

 The following is an indication of the interest for which the amount of the debt is given.

 If you are not sure that you can properly prepare the receipt, it is better to consult with lawyers who will help you to prepare a competent document, as it depends on the further share of your funds.

 A prerequisite for a refund is a prerequisite for the receipt. It is necessary to spell out the exact date, since it is from this number that interest will be accrued for the use of other people’s money and the limitation period will be deducted if the debtor does not repay the entire amount in time.

 We recommend that you make a receipt not in hard copy, but in writing. This is due to the fact that it is easier to make a written examination in writing and to prove that it was written by a citizen. One signature that appears on a printed receipt may not be enough. In addition, often people change their signature. That is why it is recommended to compare signatures on the debtor’s receipt and passport.

 Another option is to write a receipt in simple writing and notarize it. This option has its pros and cons.

  Pros: a notary will certify the document with his signature. Accordingly, it will not be necessary to prove that the receipt was written by the debtor – the fact will be already confirmed. Also, a notary may offer you a sample receipt, if you have not yet made it.

  Cons: Extra costs and time spent.

 The procedure of debt repayment in accordance with the current legal norms is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specialized knowledge and experience, so without the help of professionals to succeed in solving this issue is quite difficult.

 The process of debt collection by specialists of our company is aimed at the most effective solution of the problem in the shortest possible time.

 By providing debt collection services, we will create all the conditions for this troublesome and difficult process to become as simple for you as possible and, of course, give the desired result.


The methods we use are the only legal ones for debt repayment!

If you address your debt repayment issue with a debt-elimination organization, you can move from victim to defendant status because the methods used by collectors are ILLEGAL!

 It is important to collect full information about the debtor, the existence of accounts, property, vehicles, work place, circle of communication, the availability of property from relatives. Thanks to our experience in law enforcement and executive bodies, our team will give a full account of your debtor.

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