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repayment of debts PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS



The very procedure of debt recovery in accordance with the existing legal norms is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specialized knowledge and experience, therefore it is rather difficult to achieve success in resolving this issue without the help of professionals.
The process of collecting debts by the specialists of our company is aimed at the most effective solution of the problem in the shortest possible time.


Our methodology:

  • Appeal to the court with a suit (seizure of property and accounts, registration of a ban on traveling abroad);
  • The opening of criminal proceedings under Art. 190 Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud);
  • By negotiating, notifying the employer, the media, and the circle of communication of the debtor about his debts.


It is important to collect full information about the debtor, the existence of accounts, property, vehicles, work place, circle of communication, the availability of property from relatives. Thanks to our experience in law enforcement and executive bodies, our team will give a full account of your debtor.


By providing debt collection services, we will create all the conditions for this troublesome and difficult process to become as simple for you as possible and, of course, give the desired result.

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