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One of the grounds for obtaining a temporary certificate is a cultural, scientific or educational activity, that is, conducting volunteer activity on the territory of Ukraine.

For foreigners and stateless persons, we prepare invitations from a civic or charitable organization.

On the basis of this invitation, foreigners receive a type d visa, which entitles them to enter Ukraine to apply for a temporary certificate.

Upon arrival with this invitation, our company prepares documents for filing for a temporary certificate.

A temporary residence permit is issued 15 working days.

For this reason, without any problems, give up dedication to voluntary volunteerism and social activity in the positive decision of the ministry service, we are glad that we can all be curious to have a complete and complete consultation.

The main authorship of the cherished partner of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS Andriya Prikhodka and the head of the PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS migratory partner Yuliya Taborskikh.

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