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On March 17, 2020, a draft law “On Amending Certain Regulatory Legal Acts of Ukraine” regarding preventing the occurrence and spread of the coronavirus disease “COVID-19” was recorded, and on March 18, 2020, the Law on Combating Coronavirus was signed by the President of Ukraine.

 This Law also establishes features in relation to foreign citizens or LBG, who at the time of quarantine started were legally located in Ukraine.

 The Law focuses on the fact that all foreigners or OCG who could not leave the territory of Ukraine within the time period established by the legislation of Ukraine or apply for an extension of their stay in Ukraine or for the exchange / extension of a residence permit in Ukraine in connection with the introduction during quarantine or during quarantine, to the migration service, they will not be subject to administrative punishment for violation of the law. And also, an important point is that from the day the quarantine is announced, all terms for applying for administrative services or other services stop. The timing will start from the day the quarantine ends, taking into account the time until quarantine is introduced. Those foreigners who have already submitted documents to the migration service must wait for the end of quarantine. From the day quarantine measures are lifted, the countdown will be resumed and a ready-made document will be available. If a person applied for an administrative service to a government agency before the quarantine began and during the quarantine period he was stopped from reviewing the application due to errors or the need to make changes / additions and a deadline was given for making these changes, this deadline will be valid from the day the quarantine ends.

 Almost all countries of the world have closed their borders on entry and exit. Until April 03, 2020, Ukraine is also closed for entry and exit for foreign citizens, except for those who have temporary or permanent residence permits. But looking at the practice, even such foreign citizens are now not allowed into Ukraine. Only those who have an urgent need for exit / entry – illness / treatment, death of a close relative are allowed and released.

 Better guidance and clarifications regarding working with foreigners should be expected in the coming days. Every day, the Ukrainian government is trying to minimize the load and eliminate the effects of quarantine, ahead of the problems.

 The quarantine migration service operates in a limited mode. The request to all to minimize trips to the units of the migration service.

Author: Tatiana Petryk

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