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Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation

 Because the concept of “dignity” reflects the public understanding of the value of a person is determined by its place in the hierarchy of social status of society. All human and civil rights proceed from the principle of equal dignity of all people. The advantage inherent in man not only for his life but before birth and after death. This is what makes possible the legal protection of the dignity of not only living person but a person who is not yet born or have died.

 The concept of “honor” attitude reveals man to himself, attitudes of society. Honors rights associated with its particular place in society, their kind of activity and moral character recognized her. Through the concept of honor assesses people is reflected including their reputation.

 Goodwill is to assess the professional, business and moral qualities of the person, and in anticipation of what likely can expect from it in the future. The surrounding evaluate individual reputation based on its previous behavior.

 A great personal and social significance assessment honor and reputation of the person confirmed that these qualities focuses on a basic law of modern states, including our country.

 Part 1 of Art. 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine recognizes the man, his life and health, honor and dignity, integrity and security of the highest social value in Ukraine, and art. 21 establishes the equality of all people in their dignity and rights. The development of these provisions of Art. 28 of the Constitution of Ukraine establishes the right of everyone to respect for his dignity and prohibits the use of punishment or treatment degrading. In Art. 68 refers to the duty of everyone to strictly abide by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, does not infringe on the rights and freedoms, honor and dignity of others.

 Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation by the court by retraction of information that are not true or false laid down that discrediting the honor, dignity or business reputation of a citizen. This procedure is based on the relevant provisions of ch. 3. 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which provides for the right of everyone to refute false information about not only himself, but also in respect of members of his family. In addition, not only provides for the right to refute untrue information but also to remove any information.

 In judicial practice, the right to refute even more advanced:

interested person has the right to judicial protection as in the case of spreading false information about her family member or other relative who died … rebuttal procedure established by the court.

 Print media, the retraction procedure clearly defined in Art. 37 of the Law of Ukraine “On Print Media (Press) in Ukraine”, which, in particular, found:

” Citizens, legal persons and state authorities, as well as their legal representatives have the right to demand from the editors of print media publish his retraction of them information that is untrue or humiliate their honor and dignity.

 If the wording is not evidence that it published untrue information, it is obliged to request the applicant to publish a refutation of the planned immediate release of print media or publish it on their own initiative.

 Denial should be typed in the same font and placed under the heading ⟪ Disclaimer  on the same site column, which contained a message that refuted.

 During the implementation of legal aid for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of attorney can:

  • provide appropriate advice (written and oral);
  • to defend in court in cases of violations of human rights honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • act as representative persons, honor, dignity and business reputation are violated.

Cost of services is determined individually based on the complexity of the case.

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