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Protection of corruption criminal proceedings

 According to Article 45 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine corruption offenses under the Code are considered crimes under Articles 191, 262, 308, 312, 313, 320, 357, 410, if it was committed by abuse of authority, as well as crimes under Articles 210 , 354, 364, 364-1, 365-2, 368-369-2 of the Code.

 As a general rule, officers are persons who permanently, temporarily or on special authority to perform the functions of the authorities or local governments, as well as permanently or temporarily occupy public authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions or organizations positions related to the performance of organizational and administrative or administrative functions or perform such functions on special powers that a person endowed with competent public authority local government, central government with special status, the Authority or authorized officer of an enterprise, institution, organization, court or law.

 These crimes often have a resonant character and are more competent investigation and enforcement authorities.

 The lawyers of the law firm «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS» – are experienced qualified lawyer in criminal cases, and many successful practitioners in the field of criminal law. Managing Partner, has 10 years of experience in law enforcement at operational, investigative and prosecutorial positions.

What exactly is our work:

➤ representation and protection of clients in law enforcement and the court;

➤ help to collect evidence indicating the innocence of the defendant, as well as materials that characterize the identity of the customer;

➤ active participation in the investigation;

➤ assist in the appointment and conduct an independent review;

➤ preparation of legal documents;

➤ appeal of decisions, actions / omissions investigator, an appeal court decisions;

➤ other actions needed as a process proceedings.

Important to know

 The cost is differentiated and depends on the nature and severity of the crime. The most important factor shaping the cost of a lawyer is a resonance affairs and protection of law enforcement higher level (Security Service of Ukraine central level, the Prosecutor General or prosecutors regional level, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, etc.).

 Importantly! Quality protection can take place solely in the case of knowledge of investigation techniques and the availability of personal contacts with the intelligence and investigative agencies. Choosing a lawyer must first pay attention to whether the attorney previously worked in the prosecution, police and other law enforcement agencies, government agencies.

 What does it do? A lawyer who has experience in these organs personally know how they work, and therefore knows the ways of finding out of your situation.

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