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Protection against pressure of business on the part of law enforcement agencies


Everyone understands that doing business in Ukraine is 100% legal and in full compliance with all regulations, requirements, regulations, etc. – impossible! Or not economically profitable!
Ukrainian reality show – there is now a 100% legitimate businesses, in each case, there are certain violations or revision (not registered workers salary in an envelope, the actual registration data mismatch, partial taxation, lack of licenses, permits, etc.)
This gives rise to law enforcement and regulatory authorities to intervene in the process of doing business.
In fact, intervention can not hurt you, but the time spent on travel to the state agencies, gathering documents for their claims, or even call for questioning, conducting searches, seizure of equipment or goods, at least lead to economic losses.


Law firm «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS» positions itself as the best in the field of business protection from law enforcement and regulatory authorities, subject to the following:

  •  Managing partner has 10 years of experience in operational, investigative departments of the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office;
  •  The company employs lawyers with experience in investigative bodies DFS;
  •  Except professional understanding of the tactics and methods of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, we maintain relations with the leaders of these units, which guarantees the elimination of tyranny ordinary public employees;
  •  We are always in front of our cooperation through existing relationships, establish promising solve your problem and guarantee the final result;
  •  Working honestly and openly to the client, to establish long-term partnerships.

What exactly do we offer?

  • Prevention and neutralization of criminal risks associated with the structure of the business or individual business processes, optimization of taxation.

Example. Since its business registration, election of legal form, registration workers, establishment of branches or representative offices of division and finishing processes companies or termination of criminal risks may arise, in particular for use in relation to your Articles 205 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fictitious business), 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the legalization of proceeds) and 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (tax evasion), 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (forgery of documents, seals, stamps) 364.367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (negligence director or abuse of authority director ) and others.

  •  Immediate protection against pressure from law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Example. Should you call in for questioning (often summons handed operational staff) objective examination, you will not understand. In the summons will be the number of criminal proceedings and name of the person who signed it. From these data we learn promptly all information in a criminal case, information on all persons who gave evidence against you and that evidence, conduct legal briefing you and people who in the future may be caused. In the event of search and seizure of goods or technology, monitor compliance by law enforcement agencies (usually, allowed legal errors or inaccuracies on the part of law enforcement, which makes it possible not to carry out their instructions not to allow a search, not to give goods or equipment or return all in the event of their withdrawal as soon as possible).

  •  Criminal legal protection of creditors from fraud debtors damages in criminal proceedings.

It is important to trace the line between civil and legal relations and fraud (Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Often, unscrupulous debtor loses the property in advance by his renewal of straw, which further makes it impossible to recover the funds. Guaranteed to contribute to respect of the debtor were made to the information YERDR (prosecuted). Too often, the person who is aware of the possibility of criminal liability owed returns.

  •  Analysis of corruption risks in connection with the appointment, certain offices, certain types of activities (including procurement).

Managing Partner specializing in anti-corruption legislation and fluent knowledge of the Law “On Prevention of Corruption”, the Law “On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine”, subordinate legislation adopted pursuant to these laws and corruption articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the deputy chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee NGO APM, has experience investigating corruption and official crimes. After receiving advice on any issue in this area, you will understand that we are professionals.

  •  Protection of debtors in civil and commercial relations, which unduly take measures of legal pressure to forcing the implementation / failure to fulfill obligations.

Example. Your company owes money and relatively director of the criminal proceedings start your contractors. Guaranteed to help close the criminal proceedings, relations translate into the framework of civil law in future installments or defer payments for a significant period.

  • Protect your business from unlawful acts or omissions of public authorities.

Law enforcement and regulatory authorities are accustomed to impunity. Business structures often try not to spoil relations. However, there are situations where officers are showing excessive interest in you personally or negative attitude and try to create the most problems. Our recommendation in these cases make clear that official problems can be more than a businessman. We contribute to towards the official who abuses his position of official checks conducted at work, violate the criminal proceedings against him, turn to the state agency action for recovery of property damage, transmits information to the means of mass media.

Hourly pay for actual time spent (100 $/Hour of a lawyer).
The fixed price for a certain range of services / project (10 000 UAH).
Fixed monthly subscription fee (from 3 000 UAH).

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