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 You left for another country because of the circumstances. Over time, we received a temporary residence permit in your country of residence, after which – a permanent residence permit. And now, finally, you have the hope and the opportunity to obtain the citizenship of your country of residence, but so that everything is not so easy and cloudless, this country begins to put forward conditions and selection criteria for you to accept you in your citizenship, like:

“The authorized bodies of our country give their consent to accepting you into the citizenship of the country, provided that you leave for permanent residence from Ukraine and obtain permission to leave …”

 And here the most unpleasant begins. The procedure for going abroad for permanent residence is drawn up for at least 3 months and no more than 6 months. In some cases, due to the complexity of the work of government agencies, the state of your documents and other factors, the time may be much longer. And here’s how you can break to get permission to travel permanently abroad in Ukraine and actually be in the country of your permanent residence, where you have a number of your obligations: work, home, family, loans, sick relatives that you can’t leave and other …

 In such cases, you have to choose.

 The most common difficulties when applying for a permit to travel to a permanent place of residence from Ukraine to your country of permanent residence are:

  • You cannot come for the entire process of paperwork or go back and forth for every call of the migration service of Ukraine.
  • You may not have a complete package of documents or the state of documents that would allow them to be used (for example, an old model of birth certificate).
  • If you, for example, are a man, you may have difficulty in dealing with the military registration and enlistment office at the place of your residence in Ukraine. So, according to the law of Ukraine, in order to get permission to travel abroad for permanent residence, you will have to be removed from military registration at the military registration and enlistment office and get the relevant certificate.
  • The procedure for obtaining a tax certificate on the absence of debts for traveling abroad for permanent residence is also not simple. It is very important to correctly fill out the declarations when submitting a request to receive this check-out certificate, because if you have errors there, you will know about them only 15 working days after the application is submitted, since the tax inspector is not obliged to inform you of your mistakes . It is easier for him to give you a refusal to issue a document than to correct mistakes with you and give you a certificate about the absence of debts for traveling abroad.
  • Also, you will need to submit documents to the migration service, then constantly monitor the process and the result of the checks for you (otherwise they will simply forget about you).
  • After the good news about the issuance of an exit permit for you, you will still need to stamp your foreign passport to leave for permanent residence in a certain country … That is, to stand a damn long queue, it is possible not to get to the right inspector the first time because of the queues and other …
  • It is also very important to be on time for consular registration at the Ukrainian Embassy in your country of permanent residence. Otherwise, you will have difficulties in the future, when applying for the citizenship of this country.

 In general, you need to have patience and strength to overcome all the upcoming hardships and difficulties.

 But there is a way!

 Turning to our company, lawyers will provide you with the opportunity to get the desired result with the use of minimum power costs. You will only need to provide copies of your documents, answer our questions and issue a notarized power of attorney, as well as be present when you submit documents and when you receive a passport with a sign about leaving for permanent residence abroad to your country of residence (of course, without queues).

Author: Tatiana Petryk

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