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Adjusting the charter

On June 17, 2018, the Law of Ukraine No. 2275-VIII “On Limited Liability Companies” came into force.

This law provides for a number of changes regarding the creation and operation of societies. As a result, from the moment the innovations enter into force, the norms of the existing charters of societies become irrelevant.
Within a year from this date, it is necessary to bring the statutes of the LLC in line with the new Law. At the same time, Limited Liability Companies are exempted from paying an administrative fee for registering changes to the charter in connection with bringing it in line with the new Law within one year from the date of entry into force. If the charter is not brought into compliance with this date, then in the future it will be necessary to pay an administrative fee (which is about UAH 600). In addition, the charter of the society will be illegitimate. In addition, if you decide to make any changes (change of director, address, name, etc.), you will receive a refusal from the state registrar to make such changes, as the statute does not meet the requirements of the law. In this case, you will first have to bring the charter into conformity, paying the state duty, and only then make other changes.Thus, we advise companies to bring their constituent documents in line with the new law.
We will develop an individual version of the Charter of the company that will fully correspond to the specifics of your business and the new Law.

Service Price
Change of the charter according to the law (the price includes: consultation, preparation of documents, re-registration with state bodies) 1000 UAH
The submission of the statute to the statute is in accordance with the law (you have to enter: consultation, preparation of documents, re-registration in the authorities, notarial documents (protocol, statute), re-registration in the authorities) 2000 UAH
 Making other changes (the cost includes: consultation, preparation of documents, state duty, re-registration in state bodies) 2800 UAH
Notarial services are paid separately.

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