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Pre-trial settlement of disputes


Pre-trial procedure for settling disputes – a settlement between the parties disputes arising out of contractual relationships, to transfer the dispute to court.




Pre-trial settlement includes contractual process, which is accompanied by ambitious correspondence. One side of its demands in the form of claims, which justifies all detail the legal language and the defendant, in turn, provides a reasoned objection.



In the claims contained not only the requirement of pecuniary damage, but also loss of profit, non-pecuniary damage, as well as the use of different types of compensation, including interest charge for the use of foreign funds.



As a general rule, the participants of economic relations that violated rights or legitimate interests of other entities required to renew them without waiting for the presentation of their claim or appeal to the court. Unfortunately, this rule is not always done entities, resulting in the need for presentation to the offending claims or obligations apply to the courts for protection of their rights and legal interests.



Pre-trial settlement of disputes as quickly as possible is intended to provide a remedy entities. Helps identify and eliminate the causes and conditions of economic offenses.





One type of court settlement of disputes is mediation, which recently gaining momentum in Ukraine.



Mediation – a method of dispute resolution involving intermediary (mediator) helps the parties to a dispute to establish a communication process and analyze conflict situation so that they can choose the option that solutions that fit their interests and satisfy their needs. Unlike formalizovaoho judicial or arbitration during mediation parties reach an agreement themselves – mediator does not make decisions for them.



The neutral third party in the process of mediation is fundamental because it facilitates negotiations between the parties so that they can find their own solution to the dispute. The mediator organizing the negotiations process so as to help identify and analyze the real interests of the parties that sometimes have more meaning than the legal position. Due to the fact that the parties are not always willing to talk to each other about their priorities, without such assistance, they often can not reach an agreement.



Legal services for pre-trial settlement of the dispute:


  • study materials and circumstances of the dispute, the legal evaluation of his pre-trial and judicial perspectives;
  • development and strategy sessions court settlement of the dispute;
  • negotiations with the other party;
  • training motivated claims, statements, warnings and other documents relating to civil as well as to commercial disputes.



Our lawyers will provide you with qualified legal assistance offered solutions to the problem.

The cost of the service is determined individually based on the complexity of the case


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