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 Obviously, no one can be insured against an unexpected phone call or the service of a summons to come for questioning. Most often, such an event raises fears that the challenge is associated with the emergence of some suspicion or intentional illegal creation of problems for business or personal life. The only legal guarantee for the protection of interests and freedoms in future interrogation is the legal assistance of a qualified lawyer.

 Prikhodko & Partners Law Office provides legal assistance to citizens and legal entities on a professional basis, successfully solving the problems of its clients and guaranteeing the elimination of possible legal risks associated with conducting interrogations.

 Objectives of legal aid:

  • Get qualified qualified help and legal advice related to future interrogation;
  • Avoid possible negative risks and consequences associated with the testimony of witnesses;
  • Protect yourself from abuse of the law by those in power;
  • Provide full legal assistance to their relatives, colleagues and subordinates;
  • Protect your business from unfounded claims by law enforcement agencies.

 The Bureau’s lawyers provide immediate advice, helping clients to choose the right legal position and course of action in the first minutes of an “emergency”, helping to orientate how to respond to a call for questioning and what to do.

 Legal aid is provided by lawyers in all possible legal areas and in any situation:

  • when summoned for questioning as a witness in a criminal case;
  • when conducting surveys and obtaining explanations in the framework of research or other verification activities;
  • when conducting searches, receiving samples of handwriting or voice from a witness, as well as other “involuntary” procedural actions;
  • during the administrative consideration of the case and summons to court for questioning;
  • in cases of interaction with any inspection and controlling bodies;
  • during the interrogation of a witness during tax audits;
  • in all other cases where your rights, freedoms and legitimate interests are affected or may be violated.

 In their practice, our lawyers are guided by the principle of a comprehensive solution to the client’s question, providing a full range of services for preliminary preparation for interrogation:

  • The Bureau’s lawyer is obliged to conduct a preliminary oral consultation, studying the circumstances of the events that took place, giving them a legal assessment and assessing the significance of the situation for the client.
  • During the consultation, the lawyer predicts (models) the course of the interrogation, develops a line of defense and conduct for you during the interrogation, helps to formulate testimony for future interrogation.
  • It is obligatory for the lawyer to study the documentation available to you in order to prepare the correct “wording” of the testimony, which will not contradict the essence of the case, will not cause the investigator additional questions and increased attention to the testimony.
  • If necessary, the lawyer will invite other potential witnesses to the case in order to eliminate possible unintentional discrepancies in the testimony, which allows our clients to avoid accusations of giving false testimony in the case.

 Therefore, choose a reliable legal partner “Prikhodko and Partners”. We are ready to help you and most importantly, we do not do the process for the sake of the process!

Author: Andrey Kubov

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