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Submission of reporting to state and commercial institutions


  • Professional training and timely delivery of reports;
  • Correctness of tax calculation;
  • Preparation of standard reports, for internal needs;
  • Preparing answers to inquiries to regulatory authorities, letters, statements;
  • Changes in the reporting of the previous period.

How it works?

  • Service order
  • Obtaining accounting consultation and document analysis
  • Formation and submission of reports: to the State Fiscal Service; Department of Statistics; Pension Fund; Other state and commercial institutions
  • Guaranteed timely delivery of reports

Expert opinion:

 Drawing up of the accounting reporting represents constant and rather voluminous work, which, as a rule, is carried out by the full composition of the accounting department of the enterprise. This activity includes the results of processing the primary documentation, information from the warehouse and personnel records. Work on the preparation and delivery of reports should be trusted by professionals with high qualifications and in-depth knowledge of all the nuances of legislation. Preparation and submission of reports is mandatory for all types of entrepreneurial activity, without exception.

 Even if during the reporting period you did not have business transactions – you need to submit a zero account. In this case, zero reporting is not a single general report, but a full set of static, accounting, financial and tax reporting.

 Preparation of the reporting takes place in our office upon presentation of all necessary primary documents and accounting base.



Notional prices:

General taxation system 3 taxation system, 5% 3 taxation system, 3% + VAT
month quarter year quarter year quarter year
from 2000 UAH from 6000 UAH from 26 000 UAH from 2500 UAH from 10 000 UAH from 2500 UAH from 10 000 UAH

Additional services

Service Conditional price
Submission of the adjusted reporting for the previous periods from 500,00 UAH. (1 document)
Changes in the report for the previous period (adjustment, updated) from 600.00 UAH. (for 1 change)
Preparation of documents for counter checks negotiable
Delivery of zero reports from 700.00 UAH.



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