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Permanent residence permit

✔ Unhindered entry to EU countries

✔ Permanent stay in Ukraine

✔ Possibility to use the rights of a citizen of Ukraine

✔ Free education in Ukraine

✔ The possibility of unimpeded entry and exit to Ukraine, without visas and restrictions


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Expert opinion

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine (permanent residence) – one of the most popular and relevant options in the field of migration law of Ukraine.

The main reason for the demand for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is the wide range of rights and opportunities that it provides to people who have obtained permanent residence in Ukraine. We list only a small part of them:

Possibility and right of an alien to permanently reside on the territory of Ukraine

Absence of any restrictions in terms of exit-entry from and to Ukraine

Possibility to have permanent residence in Ukraine and not to renounce your citizenship

No need to renew

Permanent residence permit is issued indefinitely and does not require extension

Possibility of fast registration of citizenship of Ukraine

The right to enjoy all the rights of a citizen of Ukraine

Unlike the temporary residence permit (residence permit), which is issued for a period of one year and requires an annual extension / exchange with the migration service, a permanent residence permit (PERMANENT RESIDENCE) requires only the replacement of photographs with no time limits. Important is the fact that a temporary residence permit (residence permit) can easily be revoked.

It is also worth noting that the temporary format of the residence permit is valid for only one calendar year and does not have the possibility of spending the days based on the stay in Ukraine

No less advantage of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine (PERMANENT RESIDENCE) is the fact that its owner is actually equated, in his rights – to a citizen of Ukraine and at the same time remains a citizen of his country.

After receiving permanent residence, you can legally work, marry and go abroad without any restrictions. You will no longer need to go out and call on the territory of Ukraine every 90 days and experience, at the expense of legal stay in Ukraine

Getting permanent residence in Ukraine – gives you an unlimited number of opportunities in Ukraine, with the possibility of travel and stay in the countries of the European Union

The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine (permanent residence), like most similar procedures in Ukraine, is unnecessarily overloaded and bureaucratized

When an alien attempts to formalize it on their own, a lot of difficulties arise, starting from huge queues and ending with the inadequate behavior of workers of the migration service. Which in turn is fraught with refusals and a ban on filing documents for a year

Basic requirements for obtaining permanent residence

The main requirement for obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine is the grounds for obtaining it, which are clearly spelled out in the Law of Ukraine. They can be divided into two main groups that depend on quotas. The migration quota is a certain number of people that Ukraine is able to accept, in one calendar year.

Foreigners that do not fall under the quotas

One of the spouses, if the second one is over two years old, is a citizen of Ukraine

The children and the parents of Ukrainian citizens

Persons who are guardians or trustees of Ukrainian citizens, or are under the tutelage or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens

Persons who have the right to obtain citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin

Persons whose immigration – represents the state interest for Ukraine

Foreigners that fall under the action of quotas

Scientists and culture, whose immigration meets the interests of Ukraine

Highly skilled specialists and workers, whose acute need for – is tangible for the Ukrainian economy

Persons who have made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine, with foreign convertible currency, for the amount of not less than one hundred thousand US dollars

Persons who are a full-fledged brother or sister, grandfather or woman, grandson or granddaughter of Ukrainian citizens

Persons who were previously citizens of Ukraine

Persons who have continuously resided on the territory of Ukraine for three years, from the date of establishing the status of a person who has suffered from human trafficking

Persons who served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for three or more years

In the event that a foreigner, during registration of permanent residence, is on the territory of Ukraine – he is simultaneously given permission to immigrate

Tatiana Petryk

The conditional price of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine – from 5000 UAH

Conditional dates – 6 month

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