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Payroll accounting

✔ Calculation of wages, taxes and contributions

✔ Calculation of remuneration under civil law contracts

✔ Compilation of statements on payment of advance and wages at the end of the month

✔ Reports on the calculation of holiday pay, compensation and sick leave payments

✔ Calculation upon dismissal and reduction

✔ Preparation and submission of personnel reports


How it works?

  • Order of service
  • Obtaining accounting consultation and document analysis
  • Timely calculation of wages, holidays, compensations and payments for sick leave, taxes and contributions
  • Timely formation and submission of reports in State Fiscal Service and Pension Fund

Expert opinion:

The service for calculating wages is an opportunity to optimize the work of the internal financial service. Correct calculation and timely payment of wages requires the employer to attract serious financial and human resources, as well as the availability of professional competence and skills in this area. An effective solution to the problem is outsourcing the calculation of wages, that is, transferring the implementation of this business process to a professional. We guarantee full security of your confidential data and continuity of work processes. We ensure strict compliance of our services with corporate standards of your company, and also comply with all requirements of the tax and labor legislation of Ukraine, and constantly monitor all changes in legislation and requirements of regulatory bodies, which provides protection from tax and financial risks. According to the calculation of wages, the whole complex of necessary operations is carried out, including calculations of the amounts of employee benefits, deductions for taxes and fees, and various tax deductions, but also advise on the correctness of processing the payroll process for various categories of workers, including foreign citizens.


Notional prices:

Payroll accounting
month quarter year
from 600 UAH from 1800 UAH from 7200 UAH



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