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If a person permanently resides legally on the territory of Ukraine within three years from the date of granting him refugee status or asylum, he may be admitted to the citizenship of Ukraine.

According to the decree of the President of Ukraine, the following documents must be submitted to the organization of the implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine”:

– Statement

– Photo

– one of the following documents:

       = a document on the possession of the state language or its understanding in an amount sufficient for communication, issued in Ukraine by the head of an educational institution, a local executive body of Ukraine or an executive body of local self-government;

       = a copy of the certificate or excerpt from the diploma of the diploma – for a person who has a document about the end of the educational institution with the study of the Ukrainian language;

     = a document proving disability – for a person with physical disabilities (blind, deaf, dumb);

 – documents confirming the granting of a person’s refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine, as well as the fact of continuous residence of a person legally on the territory of Ukraine within three years from the date of granting such status or asylum.

Documents are submitted to the territorial authorities at the place of registration of persons.

The term of admission to citizenship is one year under the Presidential Decree.

The collection of all necessary documents, preparation for submission to us is carried out by our specialists in the Migration Department of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm.

In order to get citizenship without problems and to be sure of the positive decision of the Migration Service, we advise everyone to apply to the specialists of the Migration Department of the Legal Company “Prikhodko & Partners” for consultation and preparation of all documents.

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