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Individual services for participants (suppliers)

  • Preparation of the requirement for the customer;
  • Making and submitting a complaint to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Preparation of applications for the DoZorro portal and the Prozorro’s investigations media center;
  • Appeal against the results of public procurement;

How it works?

  • Order service on-line
  • Obtaining legal advice and document analysis
  • Conclusion of the contract
  • Getting effective appeal Tenders

Expert opinion:

Complaint in public procurement is a document submitted by a tenderer to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU). According to Ukrainian legislation, a complaint is filed if the participant is not satisfied with the terms of the tender or the decision of the customer regarding the winner in the procurement.

The tenders can be challenged by natural or legal persons in order to protect their rights and interests. Complaints can be made against a decision, action or inaction of the customer, as a result of which the legitimate rights or interests of the complainant have been violated.

An electronic complaint is filed through an online trading platform directly to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The latter places it in its base. Each complaint filed in the registry has its own registration card.

The most common misconceptions of the complainants are incorrect filing and incorrect writing of the complaint. You can file a complaint only in electronic form, not in writing or in person. When writing a complaint, one must be careful and adhere to the basic conditions for filing a document. If you fill out the complaint incorrectly, it will not be considered. Therefore, remember the sequence of actions: carefully fill out the complaint form, specify all the necessary information, pay for the submission, attach a receipt for payment to the general package of documents, send all through the electronic platform. It is also important to file a complaint within the statutory time limits.

Nikolie Sperisenko

Conditional price of services for the execution of tender documentation – from 6000 UAH;

Conditional terms – from 2 working days;



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