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 Any commercial relationship involves the exchange of information. Leaked information in the right hands can cause big problems, even to the inability to continue doing business. To prevent, or at least reduce the risk of such an incident, a qualified lawyer who will make the appropriate agreement will help.

 What information can be considered confidential?

 There are several basic categories of data that are considered commercial:

  • Financial. These are the amounts, the value of the assets, the availability and amount of money in the accounts and at the cash desk;
  • Payment. This is the value of transactions, goods, services provided, amounts of payments, tax conditions and more;
  • Copyright. Often the company’s products are designed at its own expense and at its initiative. The organization has invested money in development and testing;
  • Production. Data on equipment, production technology, raw materials used and so on.

 The above information, as well as other relevant information may be documented in a company secret.

 How to draw up a non-disclosure agreement?

 A non-disclosure agreement is a type of contract. So it has all its attributes.

 The contract is made in the number of copies, which is equal to the number of subscribers. The text cap indicates the place where it is signed. The number is also assigned and the date of addition is fixed. The following is a listing of all parties to the agreement. Both the party requesting secrecy and the persons to whom these requests are directed.

The following points are explained in the general provisions:

  • what information is in question;
  • how the receiving party receives this data;
  • where the data transmission is fixed. Who keeps a log of such transfer;
  • the sequence of actions intended to disclose information. It indicates whether a written notice of such intention is required and the timeframe for filing it.

The media on which the data is stored and transferred are listed.

The following sections are as follows:

  • Duties when storing data;
  • Responsibility for disclosure;
  • The final part sets out the full details of the parties.

 As mentioned above, the trade secret agreement is affixed with signatures and seals.

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Author: Ivan Ishchuk

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