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The People’s Deputies of Ukraine registered in the Verkhovna Rada bill No. 2303 on the organization of advocacy.
The Law on Advocacy and Advocacy is proposed to be amended as follows.
Incompatibility. Incompatible with the activities of a lawyer is a job or activity that makes it impossible for a lawyer to comply with the principle of professional independence.

Individual activity, taxes. The lawyer can perform the lawyer’s activity individually, without the creation of a legal entity and independently choose the system of accounting, reporting, taxation of the results of professional activity.
The lawyer has the right to perform professional activity under the terms of the employment contract.
Assistant lawyer. The lawyer can conclude with the persons who received the diploma in the specialty law at least the first educational level (bachelor) (now – master’s degree), employment contract for the position of assistant. The employment contract of the assistant with the lawyer, who performs the advocacy activities within the law firm, of the Bar Association, is concluded by issuing the relevant order.
EPAU. The Unified Register of Attorneys is defined as an electronic database containing information about attorneys who have acquired the right to practice law in Ukraine and to practice law. The EPAs want to be included in the system of electronic public registers.
Responsibility. The reason for bringing a lawyer to disciplinary responsibility is to commit a disciplinary offense only during the practice of advocacy. It should be noted that the WCCC can now be deprived of the right to a lawyer for violation of ethics in private life.
It is also proposed to establish that an appeal against a decision in a disciplinary case suspends its action (now – does not suspend it).

Author: Ivan Ischuk

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