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Vacation schedule: something to keep in mind!

At the end of the year, accountants traditionally compile a document that contains plans for the future of all employees of the company. We are talking about the vacation schedule. Let’s start with the fact that Part 4 of Art. 79 of the Labor Code and Part 10 of Art. 10 of the Law on Leave require that the order of granting leave is determined at the enterprise schedules. The vacation schedule must be made no later than January 5 of this year. Entrepreneurs-employers should also make the schedule of vacations.
The form of the holiday schedule is free. The employer has the right to develop the form of the schedule convenient in use. The schedule does not indicate the specific date of the employee’s leave, but sets the months of the beginning and end of the leave. The employer and the employee agree on its specific period within the framework established by the schedule. Although, if desired, the schedule can be marked and the exact “holiday” dates.
The schedule of vacations is made for all employees: both employed at the main place of work, and part-time. The schedule also includes annual (main and additional) vacations that have not been used in previous years. If the holiday is divided into parts, this is also indicated in the schedule.

For the absence of a schedule of vacations, labor inspectors may qualify as a “violation of other requirements of labor law”, for which the employer “shines” a fine of 1 minimum wage.

Important! Upon detecting such a violation, the inspector must issue an order, following which, within the allotted time, the violator will withdraw from the specified sanction.

This is provided for in paragraph 28 of the Procedure for exercising state control over compliance with labor legislation. But with an administrative fine, everything is a bit more complicated. There is no guarantee of its non-application. And the amount is quite impressive: from 510 to 1700 UAH. (Part 1 of Article 41 of the Code of Administrative Offenses).

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