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Types of visa for entry to Ukraine. Differences between VIZ. What documents are needed to apply for a VISA?

When a foreign citizen decides to come to the territory of Ukraine, he needs to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine. This does not apply to all foreign citizens, but only to those who have a visa regime with Ukraine to enter Ukraine. A complete list of such countries is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

First you need to understand some of the features.
First of all, what is a visa? A visa is a permit document that allows you to cross the border of a certain state. Depending on the citizenship of a person, to enter Ukraine he needs to obtain a visa or not. It is necessary to understand for what purpose a person is planning a trip to Ukraine, since, depending on the nature of the trip, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate visa.

? There are several types of visas:

? visa “B” – transit, within the framework of this visa a person has the right to stay in Ukraine for no more than 5 days;

? visa “C” – short-term, it is also called a guest or tourist. Such a visa is issued for no more than 90 days. Such visas can be single entry or multiple entry. If with multiple entry, it means that within 180 days, a foreign citizen has the right to leave / enter Ukraine several times on this visa. The main rule is not to exceed the limit of the allowed 90 days. If the visa is with a single entry, you can use it to enter Ukraine only once and stay on the territory of Ukraine until its expiration;

? visa “D” – long-term. The most demanded visa, since it gives the right to stay in Ukraine for a period of more than 90 days and allows you to issue certain documents in Ukraine, for example, a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit. There are countries that have a completely visa-free regime with ?? Ukraine, therefore, citizens of these countries do not need a “D” visa, even to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit. There are only seven such countries.

The main excellent features of the “C” visa from the “D” visa is that only the “D” visa is needed to obtain a temporary residence permit, other visas will not work, and also, the “D” visa can be obtained only if there are certain grounds, for example , study, marriage with a citizen of ?? Ukraine, employment in ?? Ukraine, etc.

The required documents for obtaining a “D” visa can be submitted ONLY at the consular offices / embassy of ?? Ukraine in the country of citizenship of a foreign citizen or in another country if the foreigner has the right to temporary or permanent residence in this country (in this case, with the exception of ?? Ukraine). Taking into account the quarantine, many foreign citizens think that because of the problems with leaving Ukraine, the “D” visa can be obtained on the territory of ?? Ukraine – this is the biggest self-deception. Conditions for obtaining a “D” visa to enter Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine is possible only for employees of diplomatic institutions in Ukraine.

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