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Types of activity of Open Company. Is it necessary to prescribe activities in the company’s charter?

Every entrepreneur from time to time may face the issue of expanding the activities of their enterprise (expanding the scope of activities of the enterprise). In this case, the entrepreneur is obliged to add to the information about his legal entity in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs the relevant NACE (code of economic activity). To implement this, you are obliged to convene a general meeting of the Company, at which to decide on appropriate changes and add appropriate NACE, meetings of the general meeting are recorded in the minutes (decision) and signatures are notarized, after which the document is submitted to the state registrar the relevant statement of the prescribed form. A common question – what to do with the statute if I add a new NACE? The answer is simple, we advise the state registration of LLC in its own constituent document (Charter) immediately provide that the company operates in accordance with the NACE, but not only those specified in the register, ie in the charter itself to prescribe all existing NACE or at least those , which in your opinion cover the type of your activity as much as possible. This move will protect you from certifying new versions of your statute when expanding the activities and adding NACE, as all existing NACE in your Charter is already provided.
If you need to develop a universal founding document (Charter), which will improve and automate the further work of the company, you can contact our company, our lawyers with many years of experience in corporate law will advise and develop quality founding documents for your business!

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