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Special features and nuances of a choric declaration. Consultation and additional assistance from storing declarations.

On the 1st of June 2020, the chergovy stage of the presentation of grand declarations for 2019 rik by persons who are hoping for the visibility of the functions of the state, for example, self-assembly
Before the hour, the declarations are importantly memorized in the form of changes, linked from the stasis of the amended anti-corruption legislation.
So, by the order of the National Agency for Nutrition of Corruption No. 168/19 from 1 June 2020, a new form of declaration of specialties is introduced, which is focused on the visibility of the functions of the state, for example, self-assembly.
To unify the problems in the stored declarations of the varto, it is necessary to reconsider the relevance of the address of your electronic mail screen and the quality of the qualified electronic signature (KEP). Before the robot’s ear with the Declaration Register, it is necessary to check the evidence of the necessary information for storing the declaration. At the end of the day, we recommend that you immediately review the information about the traffic police website for an additional electronic signature. Tse a loan deprived of 5 khvilyn, and the clue about nakhovani come on hope by reaching out.
Likewise, beastly respect, a number of amendments have been made to Articles 1, 3, 45, 46 and 52 of the Law “On Zapobigannya Corruption”.
The dawn, the number of declaring subordinates has been expanded, but the declaration itself must be given to persons who encompass the patronage service, designated by the Law “On State Service”, except for the individuals, as they display their lumps about the service.
I recommend following the draft law 2260 dated 10/11/2019 About the introduction of amendments to the current legislative acts of Ukraine, which will thoroughly improve the power of the state service and electronic document management. Votes in 2 readings and in total and are on the signature of the President.
Introduce new subєkti declaring
“Ї) The certificate of the permanently auxiliary body, approved by the President of Ukraine, the First Protector and Protector, Radniks, pomichniks, trustworthy persons, Presidential Secretary of the President of Ukraine, assistants to the judges”;
At the same time, the status of the declared subaccounts
ї) Kerіvnik to the Office of the President of Ukraine, who is the first patron, that protector, as well as individuals who occupy the patronage service, designated by the Law of Ukraine “On State Service,”
Also, from 1 June 2020, the National Agency about suttuvі changes from the main station must be deprived of subordinates declared, as service persons, as language with high level of corruption of corporeal rises from the point of view of st. 50 of the Law “On the Problem of Corruption”.

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