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“Registration” or “Registration of residence” on the territory of Ukraine. What is worth knowing?

In modern Ukraine, the concept of “registration”, and more recently – “registration”, is a ghost from the past. Only in 2001 did the Constitutional Court of Ukraine declare the institution of residence unconstitutional. Subsequently (namely, after 2 years) special legislation was developed, which enshrined the concept of registration of residence or stay. In 2016, the Rules of registration of the month of residence and the procedure for the transfer of relevant information by the registration authorities to the EDDR were approved.

For most foreigners, as well as for many Ukrainians, the concepts of “registration” or “residence registration” are incomprehensible and undesirable to understand today. Moreover, a citizen of Ukraine, as well as a foreigner or a stateless person who permanently or temporarily resides in Ukraine are obliged to register their place of residence within 30 calendar days after deregistration or arrival at a new place of residence. Registration of a person’s place of residence takes place on the day the person submits documents in accordance with the standard application. Registration / deregistration of residence / stay is carried out by the executive body of the village, settlement or city council. Documents for registration / deregistration of residence / stay of a person are submitted to the body through the CNAP.

Violation by foreigners and OBG of the rules of stay in Ukraine, ie living without documents for the right to reside in Ukraine, on invalid documents or documents whose term has expired, or employment without appropriate permission, if the need for such permission is provided by Ukrainian legislation, or non-compliance and changes of residence, or evasion from leaving Ukraine after the expiration of the relevant period of stay, etc. – entail the imposition of a fine. Failure of foreigners and OBG to comply with the established procedure for registration or residence in Ukraine on invalid documents, which have expired, or violation of the established period of stay in Ukraine – also entail a warning or imposition of a fine.

Therefore, foreigners and some Ukrainians should remember the basic rule: after receiving a new document (permanent or temporary certificate, refugee certificate or other Ukrainian-style document (Ukrainian passport, for example)) you must register your place of residence within 30 days. Otherwise, the person will be held administratively liable. Contact the specialists of Prykhodko Law Firm and partners – we will help you to register your place of residence or stay in Ukraine quickly and without queuing.

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