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Registration of a certificate of confirmation of the child’s citizenship. Where to submit documents? What is the procedure?

☝ The need to issue a certificate confirming the child’s citizenship is relevant for parents who are foreigners (or one parent of a foreigner), whose child was born on the territory of Ukraine. As a result of issuing such a certificate, the child can receive a foreign passport of Ukraine, which will make it possible to cross the border. And upon reaching the required age – get an internal Ukrainian passport.
Also, a certificate of confirmation of citizenship is issued when the parents or one of them have a desire to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine for the child.

?Documents for issuing this certificate are submitted to the territorial bodies of the migration service at the place of registration of the place of residence of the parents or one of them. The applicant can be either parent or legal representative. The term for issuing a certificate cannot be more than three months. But in case of difficulties with documents, requests for confirmation of the fact of birth or the fact of the legality of the stay of parents in Ukraine, the period may be longer.

?The list of required documents contains:

?- Parents’ passports
?- Parents’ residence permits in Ukraine (temporary or permanent, depending on the individual situation of each),
?- Child’s birth certificate (in certain cases, namely, when the birth certificate has been reissued and there is a corresponding mark in the upper right corner, an extract is submitted for the birth certificate).

If the child is already 14 years old, the child’s consent must be submitted to receive a certificate of confirmation of Ukrainian citizenship.
Also, there are times when it is necessary to obtain a certificate for a child whose parents are citizens of Ukraine, but the child himself was born outside the country. The procedure for such registration is similar in essence to the documents with the first option. The only difference is that this certificate is issued at the place of birth of the child through the consular office or the embassy of Ukraine in a particular country.

The procedure for issuing this certificate is very scrupulous and requires a lot of attention, a pedantic approach and control. And not only in the matter of collecting documents, but also in the registration itself. You need to be very careful during the entire design process.

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