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Registration in the fund for social protection of disabled people. What employers need to know?

Enterprises and sole proprietorships, which have 8 or more employees, must register at the beginning of the year with the Fund for Social Protection of Disabled People and submit the corresponding Report.
Those employers who are required to fulfill the standard for the employment of persons with disabilities (part 9 of article 19 of Law No. 875) are registered with the Social Protection Fund for the Disabled. These are enterprises and sole proprietorship employers, whose average number of full-time employees per year is 8 or more people.
Registration deadline is February 1 of the year following the year of increase in the number of employees to 8 people. For example, if in previous years you did not reach 8, and by the end of 2019 it became 8 or more, you need to register with the Fund by 01.02.2020.
In general, for registration, the employer submits an application to the Fund’s branch at its place of state registration in the form approved by order of the Ministry of Labor dated March 14, 2007 No. 98. Certain categories of employers, together with the application, submit additional documents:
1) a copy of the decision on entry into the Register of non-profit institutions and organizations – for enterprises, institutions and organizations, including public organizations of persons with disabilities, which are fully supported by budget funds;
2) information about separate subdivisions in the form given in the annex to Instruction No. 42 – for employers who have separate subdivisions;
3) a copy of the memorandum of association or charter of the economic association, as well as a list of enterprises that are part of the economic association, in the form of an appendix to Instruction No. 42, which include public organizations of persons with disabilities.
If you submit an application for registration to a branch of the Foundation in person, then along with copies of documents you provide their originals. If you send the application by mail, then the copies must be notarized.
The legislation does not provide for sanctions for violation of the term of registration with the Fund. Employers who are late with the deadlines will be able to register before submitting the Report (before March 1, 2020).
Let us remind you that the registration in the Fund, the fulfillment of the standard and the submission of the Report are now being checked by the State Labor Office.

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