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Protection of the business and business reputation of the company.

Good day! My name is Andrey Prikhodko, I am the head of the legal company “Prikhodko & Partners”. Today I want to talk about protecting business from law enforcement agencies and specifically consider the topic of protecting the honor, dignity and business reputation of your company. What is the typical problem for a business? Earlier, I said that when law enforcement agencies find out that you are earning a certain amount of money, criminal proceedings are initiated and investigative actions begin, they are summoned for interrogations, conduct searches, demand documents, send summons, etc. etc. This is a separate problem that we considered earlier, today I want to talk about another problem – this is the company’s business reputation, each company that went through this “terror” faced the following problem – law enforcement agencies are multiplying the harassment of investigating judges, about searches, about temporary access to the documents in the register of court decisions, and later, when your company is trying to sign some kind of contract with a client or negotiate with international partners, and when a brief inquiry about your company is made, your potential clients and partners see phrases of the following sample in the register court decisions: “officials of the company such and such entered into an agreement”, “committed a crime”, “did not pay taxes”, “took possession of the money”, etc.
That is, they use phrases that spoil your reputation, and as a result, those plans that you built, the business that you built, it does not earn enough from all this negativity that is flooded about you in the register of court decisions.
And what lawyers and attorneys most often offer you is to file a claim in order to protect the honor, dignity, business reputation of your company, but the practice of the Supreme Court suggests that the courts of economic and civil institutions are the courts that are authorized to consider such claims on defending the honor and dignity of business reputation, they say the following: such a court does not have the right to evaluate and refute the conclusions that the investigating judge described in his information, the words of the investigating judges. As a result, you pay money to lawyers for the process, for the sake of the process, in the end you do not get the expected result – the drop from the register does not disappear, the information is not refuted, everything remains in the same format as it was, you just spent money on a lawyer, he did work for the sake of work, but did not achieve the result.
Therefore, our company analyzed more than 100 court decisions, we analyzed the legislation and developed the only existing mechanism in Ukraine for today, which helps to protect your reputation.
What are we doing? In fact, we collect a certain package of documents, implement it legally, and thanks to this, all the court decisions, the accusations of the investigating judges that hang in the register and which spoil your reputation – they disappear from there, and my company is ready to guarantee you such a result.

You came, ordered a service, we carried out certain actions and these dips disappeared from the register of court decisions, which guarantees your business a 100% result in the future. We do not offer litigation for the sake of the process, we take on the work for the sake of the result. The result is the absence of these decisions in the register and, as a result, complete protection of your honor and business reputation of you and your company.

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