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Problematic issues of legalization of foreigners in Ukraine. What you need to know?

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is often approached by foreigners who have arrived in Ukraine for tourism or business meetings and wish to stay for a longer period of time.
According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the maximum period of stay of foreigners from visa-free countries is 90 days, after which, in the absence of a residence permit, a person must leave the territory of Ukraine and enter after 90 days of residence.
For visa countries, the maximum period of stay on a visa type “C” is also 90 days, with the exact number of days indicated in the column “period of stay” and begins its deduction from the moment of crossing the border and arrival in Ukraine.
It should be noted at once that a foreigner does not have the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine after entering Ukraine for the purpose of tourism or an invitation from a legal or natural person for visa-free countries or under a C-type visa.
A prerequisite for applying for a residence permit is a type “D” visa, which was obtained in accordance with the specific grounds for obtaining it.
That is, if a person arrived in Ukraine for a tourist trip and during the stay received grounds for obtaining a residence permit in the form of marriage or employment permit, it is mandatory to go home to obtain a visa “D” for visa countries and departure for arrival on other grounds for visa-free travel.
It is also mandatory for a foreigner to leave with a temporary residence permit if the grounds for obtaining it change. That is, if a foreigner who has received a training certificate wants to change it to an employment certificate, he will be forced to leave and re-enter Ukraine.
The above rule has exceptions. In case of marriage with citizens of Ukraine, a foreigner with a temporary residence permit has the opportunity to issue a new certificate on the grounds of family reunification with citizens of Ukraine without leaving the homeland.
Documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine must be submitted no later than 15 working days before the expiration of the legal stay of a person in Ukraine.
The legal stay for visa-free countries is 90 days, and for visas is calculated based on the column “period of stay” and is calculated from the moment of arrival in Ukraine marked with a red stamp on the visa in the passport document, as well as the visa in some cases.
Given the large number of nuances and many sanctions in case of violations of the terms and procedure of stay in Ukraine, such as deportation and entry ban for up to three years, we recommend that foreign nationals turn to verified migration agents. By contacting qualified lawyers of Prykhodko & Partners Law Firm, you are guaranteed to receive clear and correct advice on your stay in Ukraine and other migration issues.
We know everything about migration processes in Ukraine and we want our knowledge and experience to help you visit, stay and live in Ukraine with comfort and unnecessary problems.

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