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Postponement of PPO application. What do you need to know?

PPO (registrars of settlement transactions). How many discussions have caused the approach of 2021, from the beginning of which, the total fiscalization of the activities of individual entrepreneurs, as well as the introduction of other tools (in particular, cashback), should begin. We have already discussed the issue of fiscalization in previous articles. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the bill No. 4439-d of 12/01/2020, which was adopted in the first reading and as a whole (319 People’s Deputies of Ukraine voted “for”).

This bill became the last agreed (compromise) version, which was adopted for the results of numerous discussions and proposals of the public and individual entrepreneurs. It should be noted that previous versions of similar bills were not voted on within the walls of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Therefore, we will analyze the main provisions of the adopted bill that are important for business. Such provisions can be determined by the results of the analysis of the text of the bill itself and its comparative table at the link

1. The bill changes the maximum amount of income of business entities for staying on the simplified taxation system. If earlier the limit was determined by a specific amount of annual income (1 million hryvnia for group 1; 5 million hryvnia for group 2; 7 million hryvnia for group 3), then from 01.01.2021 the amount of income will be determined depending on the minimum wage fees established by the law of Ukraine “On the state budget” for a specific year. So the new volumes are 167 minimum wages for the 1st group; 834 salaries for the 2nd group; 1167 salaries for the 3rd group.

2. Postponement of the mandatory application of PPO or software PPO until January 1, 2022 by individual entrepreneurs whose income does not exceed 220 times the minimum wage.

3. The provision on cashback is excluded.

4. A provision is introduced to prohibit the use of software PPOs for trade in fuel.

5. A provision is introduced, which was discussed by many entrepreneurs, which provides for the right not to use PPO or software PPO when making payments for services, in the case of such settlements using remote banking systems or funds transfer services.

6. Until January 1, 2022, the period for applying reduced rates of liability of 10% of the cost of goods sold or services rendered with violations (if performed for the first time) and 50% for each subsequent violation has been extended.

This bill is now being prepared for signature. If signed by the President of Ukraine, the norms will become law and will come into force in terms of the provisions on the PPO from 01/01/2021.

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