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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine. What are the risks? How to arrange everything correctly?

The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit is by its nature quite complex. When collecting documents, it is necessary to clearly understand all the risks that may arise when submitting incorrectly prepared documents, the applicant’s citizenship and the availability of existing original documents, as well as to holistically assess all the subjectivity in the work of the migration service employees when applying for a permanent residence permit.
The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit is divided into two blocks: the first block is obtaining an immigration permit, according to which a foreigner applies for an immigration permit. According to the legislation, this process takes up to 12 calendar months. The second block is getting the most permanent residence permit. On the basis of an already existing immigration permit, citizens of countries with a visa regime for entry into Ukraine must obtain an appropriate visa at the Ukrainian embassy in the country of their citizenship (or another country, if there are grounds for this) to carry out the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine … The exception is those citizens who, at the time of signing the immigration permit, had a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. In this case, they will not need to obtain a visa. Citizens of countries with a visa-free regime of entry to Ukraine have the right to immediately apply for a permanent residence permit after receiving an immigration permit. The main condition for this is the legal presence on the territory of Ukraine at the time of signing the immigration permit.
The meaning of the address of residence / registration of the place of residence when applying for an immigration permit.
If, before applying for an immigration permit, a foreigner received a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, then he must have a certificate of residence address (form 13), which must be presented when applying for an immigration permit to Ukraine. When a foreigner does not have a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, but he wants to apply for an immigration permit and stays in Ukraine legally, he must provide a notarized consent of the owner of the house / apartment / other for the residence of such a foreigner in this house / apartment / other. You should carefully consider the selection of an apartment / house of residence. After receiving the documents, the employees of the migration service, in accordance with the law, carry out a number of actions aimed at establishing the existence of grounds for refusing to issue a permit for immigration to Ukraine for a foreigner. Such checks are carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine and the bodies of the National Police of Ukraine. These bodies establish the fact of residence at the specified address, physical presence at the specified address, the presence of “bad” characteristics of this address, the number of registered or living persons at the specified address, and so on. If it is proved that there are reasons for refusing to issue an immigration permit, these authorities notify the migration service about this and, accordingly, a refusal to issue an immigration permit to Ukraine is formed. A repeated package of documents can be submitted only after a year.
It is impossible to disassemble and predict all the mistakes and problems that may arise in the process of applying for an immigration permit, but it is possible to alleviate the consequences and reduce the burdens. To do this, you need to contact the specialized lawyers of the migration department of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. We will do all the hard work for you!

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