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Peculiarities of registration of correspondence materials in the court process


Three procedural codes of Ukraine take revenge in the middle of proofs and establish the possibility of submitting electronic proofs.
Behind the codes of electronic evidence є information in digital form, how to avenge any data in electronic form about the provision of information, weather, – electronic documents, websites, texts, multimedia and voices of the occasion.
According to the Law “On copyright and sumy rights” electronic information – the price, the image, the audio visual create, the computer programs, the phonograms, the video in the electronic (digital) form, which can be used for reading and reading the computer You can take one number of files from the viewer, as well as the programs (transmissions) of the organization of the movement, which are retransmitted from the victorious networks of the Internet.

Information from correspondence in e-mail and messengers, without question, є by electronic proof, more textual information about multimedia information, available for reading and writing by a computer, like viewing one file from a computer

To protect the reliability and reliability of this, I will prove for the approval of the situation є the problem is that the correspondence files were supervised without writing the EDS.

The execution of an electronic document is completed by EDS invoices, without which document is not a matter of legal force
For Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Processing”, correspondence in electronic mail from other messengers can be valid as an electronic document, and it can be proven as a proper proof in court, if you do not have a digital digital signature.

There is no problem with the copies of the original electronic evidence in the file, but there is no problem with the current functions of the ship’s information and telecommunication systems.
As a result, the present instrument from the parties to the court for the submission of a duly certified electronic proof.

Tse approved by the Court of the Supreme Court dated 04.03.2019 p. No. 404/4623/15-a (8a / 404/1/18), for which the court vvazhaє for the ill-accepted acceptance of electronic evidence, scripting EC

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