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Prikhodko Andrey

Managing partner

Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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“CONSULTANT” – an online service of legal and accounting services – is a marketplace that allows everyone through a mobile application to get advice from everyone in Ukraine (emphasis: “ALL”!) Lawyers, auditors, notaries, private performers, arbitration managers, patent attorneys , customs brokers and later other specialists.

Choose from those specialists who have consulted you the best, at the best price, in the right place and at the right time and entrust him with the solution of a specific problem.

Thanks to this, we have solved one of the main problems of almost everyone – how to solve a life problem? (noise in the house, road accident, divorce and alimony, notary on the weekend, loans, taxes, patenting ideas and so on, the list is endless), where to find a specialist? Google and re-read outdated and outdated information, or call friends for advice, well, or go to a law firm, spend time and a lot of money, well, which specialist is better? (Search for feedback, comparison of cost, competence, etc.).

The field of consulting a lawyer or lawyer online is especially popular today – this is due to the promotion of mobile phones: mobile applications, messengers, etc. Therefore, of course, there is some competition in this area.

What makes “CONSULTANT” better than our competitors?

We already have mobile apps on Google Play and iOS. (First, the mobile application is better than the site, thanks to the presence of push messages and organic functioning with the phone’s operating system, and secondly, the mobile application is better than the bot in the messenger, because it is independent and can access contacts, photos, video and other smartphone data).

Quality control system (the logic of the startup is built in such a way that the funds are received only by the specialist who works the fastest and most professionally, thus eliminating other professionals. After some time only the best specialists will remain, others will disappear automatically receive funds).

Feedback system (implemented through push notifications in order to stimulate the activity of clients to leave feedback on consultations and specialists. This allows you to form an objective portrait of the specialist and his rating).

Push notification system (operates through push notifications, periodically offering to get a free consultation, or consultation on the most common problems (quarantine, traffic rules, family disputes, noise in the house).

Referral system (allows the growth of customers without extra costs, the customer can automatically send from his phone to all available contacts an invitation to download a mobile application, receiving a free consultation).

System for attracting specialists (implemented through e-mail and uses the contacts of specialists on open data, as well as a referral system – inviting specialists for a fee).

Automatic distribution of funds (implemented through the Fondi payment system, which provides automatic instant debiting and crediting of funds to bank cards, which ensures the confidence of the project in the first place).

Responsibility (the project controls the work of the specialist, the administration removes those who violate the rules).

Automated work (the project is serviced by only one administrator, who only confirms the authorization of specialists, this ensures a minimum of human participation that guarantees maximum objectivity).

What makes us unique?

The first national project, built on the basis of open data of licensed specialists (lawyers, auditors, notaries, private executors, arbitration managers, patent attorneys, customs brokers).

Most competitors try to sell all kinds of documents, templates, solutions, etc. We consider this a strategic mistake, because it requires additional resources for the development of endless products and their continuous improvement in the face of changing legislation.

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