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Prikhodko Andrey

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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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Mobile application “Consultant”! Online service of legal and accounting services!

“CONSULTANT” is a unique Ukrainian product that allows you to get a consultation at once with a single button on your smartphone from all available lawyers, auditors, notaries, private executors, arbitration managers, patent attorneys, customs brokers. Why do I speak for everyone? Because our product is integrated into open databases of the specified experts, and your question at once gets to all. This is how it works – video animation

At the same time, the program automatically selects the best specialists and specifically in your problem (for example – questions on road accidents, answers from lawyers, with experience in road accidents, questions on alimony – a family lawyer, reporting on fop – an accountant in your area or city, a notary in Odessa or the Dnieper who works on Saturday – no problem, or maybe you have a startup or a unique idea that you would like to patent – a patent attorney without intermediaries and directly to your services).

If, in addition to consultation, you would like to instruct a specialist to perform a specific task (for example – to prepare a document, or conduct a turnkey lawsuit, or help collect money from the debtor, or clear customs at the lowest price) – we give you the opportunity to choose the best specialist. on the project ratings and feedback from customers.

You can at any time call directly to any of the best professionals and choose the most profitable option from them – while saving your money.

Thus, we give you the opportunity to get advice from all specialists in Ukraine, choose the best specialist from among them, in the right place and time for you, and most importantly at the best price.

So, you should just try… get advice… leave positive feedback and recommend us to your friends.
And of course, if you have comments or suggestions, go to Settings – click “Support” and write to us. We appreciate any feedback, we work every day to make the CONSULTANT for you – a convenient, useful and reliable assistant!

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